First Look: Hot Wheels Fiat 500…

A tiny little surprise, this one is.

Well, in some ways it is a surprise, in others it is not.

Why is it a surprise?  It is a Hot Wheels, it is not the Abarth (although converting it into one would only require a few deco changes on a 1:64 Hot Wheels car), no racing deco, and front and rear tampos.  This seems like something Matchbox would have done 3 years ago.

Why is it not a surprise?  Because it was designed by Ryu Asada, who recently crossed the hall from Matchbox to Hot Wheels.  Ryu created all those realistic models that Matchbox was churning out a few years ago, and the Fiat seems to fit right in.  Tight dimensions, stock lines and height, side mirrors, lots of detail.  Just like one of Ryu’s other recent creations, the Honda Civic EF.  If you didn’t know already, Ryu is one of Mattel’s most talented designers, and realism is his forte.

As far as the Fiat itself, I have always liked the new 500.  But I also really like small cars.  Fiat’s ad campaign here fancies the 500 as a sexy little Italian car, and I can’t say I don’t disagree.  That is why I am a little bummed out by its debut color.  This maroon red looks perfect on the Alfa 8C, but a little drab on the Fiat.  A bright red, or maybe yellow, or even bright blue would have been better choices.

Nonetheless, a great little addition to the line…

(Find the Fiat and rest of Hot Wheels 2014 Batch G at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Fiat 500 (2014 New Models):

13 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Fiat 500…”

  1. I see this being a great subject for customization, but puzzled by the fact it's not the Abarth version, which is noticeably different, with a different nose, rear valance / bumper and side skirts.

  2. That is so STELLAR! This will be in my collection, but Hot Wheels should have made the Arbarth version of the 500, but this one is beautiful!

    What makes me so suprised and makes me eager to get it is that I have to say a great job to Hot Wheels and, those headlights and rearlights painted. Oh, thank you Hot Wheels. Your orange brother has to learn to make some models that draw a lot of attention because your blue brother draws A LOT of attention including something awesome today shown here at the Lamley Group, the Fiat 500. And there's more you should learn from. Hot Wheels has also done the Homer mobile (which is from the Simpsons, AND, is getting a lot of attention), 12' Corvette ZO6, and some more.

    Hey, that was like making a note to Matchbox though. I was.

  3. What a great little model, and I cant wait to add it to my ever growing collection, just a shame that Matchbox cant get this sort of car out anymore, without having to resort to scrappy colour schemes or plastic bodies.

  4. Awesome! So… are you going to compare this to the Mini Cooper? The VW Beetle would not be far away either. I also realize that HW has been releasing a lot of their first edition models in this dark red. They did this in 2012 with the Viper and the Beetle. Then again this year with the Alfa 8C, and now this. Taste or just coincidence?

    – Black Wind

  5. The fiat looks like a model of the 500S. Not a fiat expert but I understand the 500S is the luke-warm version or the sporty version before you step up to the Abarth

  6. Do you mean the 500 SPORT? Then that's exactly the right answer. Or if not, are you mentioning a different model of the 500?

  7. The detailing on that little cute model is cool. I like the way Hot Wheels included the grille in black, the headlight tampo, rear detailing too. I love it!

  8. Look at the rims, they are very well made too.

    Someone mentioned the 500 Sport, and comparing the rims to the ones in that model they match very closely, the geometry is there, the point where it depresses inside the wheel, and the 5 openings around the axle.

    In the chassis the lines are clear where they need to, and diffuse where they need to be subtle.

    Proportion is great, I really like this casting.

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