Just Unveiled: The nicely-detailed Hot Wheels Lamborghini Veneno…

It’s already been revealed, to the excitement of many collectors.  But up until now we haven’t been able to see side shots of the upcoming Hot Wheels Lamborghini Veneno.

Now we can.  This photo emerged, and we have to say the model looks really good.  Well, relatively. Looks are not the real Veneno’s strongpoint, but kudos to Hot Wheels for doing a pretty amazing job replicating it as a $1 model.

The casting is highly detailed, and the signature colors of the Italian flag sweep the sides.  It looks great, at least to us.

What do you think?

14 Replies to “Just Unveiled: The nicely-detailed Hot Wheels Lamborghini Veneno…”

  1. And it is also better than the Kyosho version too. And to my thought it appears that it is really stunning, stunning, stunning, which makes that machine hot. But I actually prefer the Sesto, cause that guy just reminds me of the LaFerrari.

  2. I am very impressed, considering the sheer number of opposing body lines on this car, making the challenge of replicating it in small 1:64 scale that much harder, it has come out quite well!

  3. OH MY GOD, thats a beautiful car, one of Hot Wheels finest cars in the last years, when the 2014 line gets here i will be on the hunt for this one, the Sesto Elemento and LaFerrari (hot wheels please do the McLaren P1 and the supercar trio will be complete)

  4. Joe, the green, white and red that come on the Veneno are just the thin line along the lower body panels. This is how the real 1:1 version is since there were only a few made and each buyer got one colour variation. Hopefully HW does not ruin this and come out with completely new body colour variations.

    As for the first comment regarding it being better than Kyosho, come on. Not possible. How can you compare painted headlights to actual realistic looking plastic lights. The HW version is great option considering it is a $1 car compared to the $30 for the Kyosho.

  5. Thanks, I have color problems anyway, and that tiny amount of color doesn't even show up to me lol. I agree with your comment about the Kyosho Veneno… This one seems to be a great casting from Mattel, but that Kyosho one is a beast.

  6. In real (car) world LaFerrari looks a lot better than Veneno.
    In Hot Wheels world Veneno beats LaFerrari in terms of details. XD

    A true MUST HAVE!!!

  7. I probably still would not buy it, just because it has too much going on for me, but I am impressed with the way Mattel cooked this casting up.

    Why is it when there is a car I don't like, Mattel does it beautifully, but when it's a car I do like, they overdo it with huge wheels and shitty proportions?

    Something's gotta give.

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