As is the Custom: A special tribute to the great Chojiro D. Crazy…

We are going to pause this week from our normal custom coverage to pay tribute to one of the greats.

The custom world lost a stalwart this week with the tragic passing of Shozo Fukushima of Japan, better known as Chojiro D. Crazy and head of Hell’s Dept.  There is truly no one as creative, skilled, prolific, and just plain clever as Chojiro, and I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree.

Chojiro had the ability to amaze with his skill, and at the same time put a smile on anyone’s face with his custom’s themes and play on words.  “Hot Whee”, “Dead Bull”, and “Monoeyes” to name a few.  His mischievous approach was refreshing, addictive, and contagious.  While I never met him (our only contact with him was when he granted us permission to post his photos), it was apparent that he never took himself, or the hobby, too seriously, and that is something our hobby always needs.

Lastly, we will always attribute the phrase “Very nice works!!” to Chojiro.  HWC is littered with his supportive phrase, as he constantly encouraged other customizers to keep going.  It was equivalent of Meryl Streep encouraging a 12-year-old at a school play.  Nothing was as valuable as Chojiro’s words of encouragement.

Our little world of minicars lost a great one this week, and we will all miss him.

RIP Chojiro.  Very nice works!!

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  1. These are some artwork! Very cool customs. And ooh! A Hot Wheels 70' Celica with Cool Classics wheels. Hot Wheels should use the Celica as a Cool Classics model for next year.

  2. Wow, all very beautifully crafted pieces of work! The first photo of the custom hot rod Citroen Type H van is something very original that I'd love for Hot Wheels to make, surely most wouldn't recognize what make or model it is at all. May he be remembered fondly for his designs and his encouraging words for years and years to come!

  3. such a great talent shozo was.i have a few custom pieces in my personal collection like the white metal kit cyclops shaker. Only a few of the hobby customizer had the opportunity to be subcontracted work todo graphic design for hot wheels and this man was one of those. He did work like the '67 camaro convertible that were exclusive to walgreens back in 2007. also did design for 2007 all stars purple passion and even did some of the hot wheels vintage racing series. So many collectors have a piece of him in their collection whether they realized it or not. he will always remain a great in customizing and in the heart of many collectors.

    Nothing Ventured,Nothing gained. you can't accomplish something great without risk.

    It is splendid work, Chojiro

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