A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels & Kyosho Ferrari LaFerrari…

Yes, this is totally not fair.  Just as it makes no sense that some use Tomica Limited Vintage as the bar when complaining about Matchbox’s lack of realism, we should not compare the $1 Hot Wheels to the $15 Kyosho.

But we did.  Don’t know why, really.  We just did.  Maybe because they arrived at about the same time.  Maybe because the Kyosho gives one a good idea of how close Hot Wheels got to the real thing.  (Not very.)  Maybe because we are lazy and don’t know what to write on two separate posts about the horribly-named LaFerrari.

But here are two LaFerraris.  To be honest we will let you decide what you think.  Obviously the Kyosho looks more like the real thing, even though it sits a tad too high.  But as nice as it looks, it would be horrible on the orange track.

As far as the real thing goes, it follows the trend of much-better-looking Ferraris of late.  If I am being honest, it can’t hold a candle to the painfully beautiful F12 and 458, but it is far better looking than the harsh Enzo.  So it gets a thumbs up.

The Hot Wheels is almost there, but like many of its HW Ferrari counterparts, it suffers from large-rear-wheel-itis.  Sometimes the LRW works, like on the F12, and sometimes it detracts, like it does here.  The proportions are just thrown off too much, and the model ends up boxy instead of low and sleek.  Well that is until you get the right photo angle.

So go buy the Hot Wheels for a dollar, or get it on ebay.  But indulge a bit as well and wait for Daboxtoys to restock the Kyosho or get it on ebay.  It is worth it…

Hot Wheels LaFerrari (2014 New Models) & Kyosho LaFerrari (Ferrari Minicar Collection 9):

25 Replies to “A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels & Kyosho Ferrari LaFerrari…”

  1. Again, Hot wheels could do better. They only need to lower the front a little bit and extend the whole body slightly. Then, it will be good enough (at least, for me).

  2. Do remember that Hot Wheels are still for children, do you really think Mattell would make money if the cars were really really nice but cost $3.50 just for their children to smash them together? There is a reason the Basic Hot Wheels sell, and not the Collectible ones.

  3. THX – very interesting, but it would be more interesting to see them in the same color – …in red, you see much more – black has advantage here, you can't see that much of it, of the shape, details…
    …and… I don't like black cars! greetings – 2D:)))

  4. There are so much detail in Kyosho, we love it, but those wheels… they look just cheap. If they can put that amount of detail, why leave beahind the detail of the wheels?

  5. I am sure he is well aware of that, but keep in mind that even mainlines are collectible too. We are not saying that the Hot Wheels should be on Kyosho's level, but HW could have done slightly better, in regards to creating the casting. And I also agree that smaller wheels in the back would have been more suitable to the car's proportions. He even said it himself that it was not a fair comparison.

    That being said, I will still try to buy both.

  6. The delight of a new Ferrari eh? It looks awesome the two. But I'll take the Hot Wheels version because it has the signature color for Ferrari which is red. But it would be better if Hot Wheels should have put rear taillights.

    I like to tell that I'm more interested into the Hot Wheels than the Kyosho version. Why? Because Hot Wheels did a much better job on the LaFerrari with that black roof and making the front grille black painted.
    Yeah Kyosho is also good at that, but except those wheels… hmm… and its design looks close to Ferrari 458 Italia.

    Anyways, I don't know somewhat weather I'll choose the Hot Wheels version for the Hot Wheels best new model for 2014. If this will be my vote, then it will be one of my favorite new models for 2014.

  7. Interesting to notice that Mattel always tries more complicated solutions when it comes to detailing of grilles, air intakes and spoilers.

    A plastic base that completes the front just as it does on the back, would do much more justice to the casting, though it would make the model have more plastic on it. I believe they wanted to preserve the red paint on the front, since they don't paint plastic and a red base would look terrible…

    We are always complaining about something, but the model looks fantastic anyway.

  8. While Kyosho's are great looking cars, I don't think they would stand up to the rigors of a 10yo and orange track like a HW is designed to do.

  9. While batch F is already hitting Wheel Collectors, holy man these are really cool that my superior idiotic mind is telling me to get that LaFerrari Hot Wheels.

  10. The Hot Wheels definitely has some flaws. The front is too short and boxy, the rear tires too large, details in the rear a little off, but man is it still great. I don't expect perfection in a $1 Hot Wheels, and with as complicated a casting as this is, I think they did a remarkable job and I can't wait to find it. My main collecting focus are Kyosho Ferrari's so I have all five versions (Black, Red, Yellow, Matte Black and Metallic Red) and it's will likely be my favorite model for the entire year. Objectively, Kyosho did a better job on the Veneno, but I'm a sucker for the limited edition Ferrari's so it jumps a few slots based on personal preference. Both are great examples of the respective brands, not 100% perfect but pretty close to the top of each one's game. I hope HW will eventually put out the car in one of the adult lines with more detail and real riders.

  11. I already heard about the Agera R for 2014 Hot Wheels. Heard it on T hunted. It might be in the mainline but technically, I only heard it will be in the 2014 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment NFS series.

  12. どちらもそれぞれよさがあると思いますが、どなたかもおっしゃっているように、同じ赤同士で比較して欲しかった。HWの方がややずんぐりしてデフォルメ感がありますね。京商の方は腰高感があってそれが残念です。私はいつか自分のブログでHWの赤と京商の赤を比較したいと思います。

  13. Would have been much better from Mattel to put LaFerrari in the Matchbox range, not in the HW.
    They think HW is more sellable on market than MB, but it is not true. Without investing in MB brand, you can not raise the selling of course. Maybe US market likes HW, but I am sure they would buy MB too, if Matter would make better marketing for them.
    Big rear wheel is a bad habit of HW, which is fine with muscles, but not accepteble with european supercars. Even the young generation know that it is not realistic. I remember when I was young, I liked and expected cars as close as possible to the real one. For other kids who do not care, there is the fantasy line.

  14. Additionaly to my previous comment: his HW LaFerrari made me buy one. Which means this is a well made HW even with bigger rear wheels.
    Kyosho is nice as usualy.

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  16. Ow no what 15 $ !! Each of the kyosho there price is only 6$ …please see the official japan circle k sunkus site and ferrari series 9 and see the price its in yen 600 to 800 yen then convert to doller its just 5 to 7 $ !!!

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