Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels 1990 Honda Civic EF in teal…

It may be a pegwarmer in some places, but among Lamley folk and many of our readers, Ryu Asada’s 1990 Honda Civic EF is one of the best Hot Wheels releases of 2014 so far.

And it is back.  Red is a signature color on the Civic, but in that era so was teal.  You may not see that color much now, but back in those days you did.  A lot.  So with very big smiles on our faces, we are happy to report that the next color on the Civic is pure 90’s teal.

Our good friends at Volta Garage have the first pics, and were nice enough to share with us:

The red was nice.  This is bodacious.  The shit.  Red stripe over teal, saved for only the best of the Civics.  Yep, this model is cool.  Cooler than you.  And it knows it.

We can’t wait for this one to hit here, and obviously it will very soon.

What do you think?  Are you in?  We certainly are.

24 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels 1990 Honda Civic EF in teal…”

  1. The teal paint with red color does look rather good, better than the red and black.

    I am still not one to get super excited about the casting… The old Datsun's I can get excited about as a real enthusiasts car, even though each were made before I was around. This Civic however, while capable in the right hands at Autocross etc. is so often driven and owned by those of poor taste it doesn't relate well to the real world for me.

    Now an original 1:1 Civic or well restored custom in this color I could respect. Perhaps this casting will lend just a small uptick in the demand and price for the real car to help push it into the ownership of those who are more likely to restore than destroy them; similar to the transition of the 3rd Gen F-body (1982-1992) Camaro & Trans-Am models in recent years.

  2. Teal for this Civic is the shit and is f'n dope! I dig the red belt line. It breaks up the monotony of too much teal without being overbearing. If it only had taillight tampos.

  3. Some people saying that this is the right color for this car is NOT cool. Dudes, why is there red color over the stupid teal?

  4. And the hoarders strike again… thanks for making it harder on us collectors that can't be there when the cases are being opened and can't afford the second market prices for these 97 cent pieces of metal. you are doing a real service for the community… I hope a cat pees on your collection.

  5. If you know about that car it's a JDM model which stands for Japanese Domestic Market and it's right hand drive. In Japan those Civics came with a red strip along the molding to distinguish the Si-R models from the regular models. Research is key, look it up!! I already have the red one and the teal one is next. Thanks Hot Wheels. Next should be the EG Civic SIR.

  6. lmao get over it, Joe. So what he bought multiples, it's his money he can do whatever he wants with it. Also, wtf are you talking about secondary market prices. There is one on eBay right now for only $1.50 + $2.50 shipping. And you are telling me that's expensive? Literary 40 cents more than retail ($1.09 is retail). Some people lol – Tom K

  7. Literally* and it's not this car specifically, I'm a Ford man, so normally I wouldn't care if he got all of the HW Civics ever, it's the principle of the thing. There are others that were released in normal numbers and no one could find them because of hoarders. When the Ecto-1 first came out, I couldn't find one for 6 months because people would go into all of the stores around here when the cases were open specifically to get ALL of them. and when I would look online for them there were lots of 10-20 of them for $200+ and singles were going for $60-70. Most hoarders get that many of them just to cause them to be “rare” then flip them for a profit. As for the ones that don't, why the hell do you need that many of them? Finding variations and errors and collecting them is one thing, but why do you need 10 of the exact same red Civic hanging on a wall, or in most collectors' cases in a box.

  8. Dude, if you wanna know how this is NOT good color for the EF, the red stripe over the teal is ugly. VERY UGLY. Although it's a good color but doesn't look right for this awesome looking tuner import.

  9. How is this the right color? Red over teal. UGLY on this awesome looking tuner import.

    And I'd actually go for the red and black, or if there was going to be a 2nd recolor for the Civic, which would be in white and black stripe.

  10. My friend back then had this exact car in this color. I was going to make a few customs in this real color because it was THE color to have back then. Seems hotwheels beat me to it! Darn! I was hoping to be one of few who had this color….

  11. Maybe it's cause he owns that particular car in real life? Did that cross your simple mind? If Mattel made a 2005 Honda Accord coupe you'd better believe I'd buy every damn one I'd come across… Some people, indeed…. *rolls eyes*

  12. You people can keep going all you want… I own a blue 2006 Mustang. I only own 2 Hot Wheels blue 2005 Mustangs from the same release. One MOC and one opened to look at and display. these represent my car just fine I have no reason for more. *rolls eyes*

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