2013 Lamley Awards: Readers & Lamley Choices for Worst Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt…

Thought the Lamleys were going away?  They tried, but we brought them back.  After all that voting, we are sure you want to know the results, right?

Well, we have already revealed the Reader’s and Lamley selections for the Best Super TH of 2013 (the very deserving Toyota 2000GT), so now for the fun stuff.  How about your choice for the Worst?

The results are a bit surprising.  On one hand, choosing the only non-licensed model of the 15 is predictable, especially with the 1:1 auto enthusiasm many of you readers share with us.  On the other hand, the one non-licensed model in the Super TH line this year is a collector fave, and frankly it looked good.  But you voted, and your choice for Worst Super TH of 2013 is…

…the Bone Shaker!

Well, maybe instead of dubbing this the Worst Super of 2013, maybe we should call it the “Least-Liked Super of 2013”.  When it was released, the only complaint we heard was that the Bone Shaker had been a Super a few years ago, and collectors have some phobia of repeats apparently.  Let’s be honest, this is a good-looking model, as far as models like this go.

But yes, we prefer the licensed models as well, and it takes a lot for a non-licensed model to surpass a licensed model on a list of our faves, unless it looks as bland as the Dodge Demon Super.  (We will get to that in a bit.)  So logically, if you look at the list of 15, and see one non-licensed, it has a good shot of being selected Worst, and the Bone Shaker did, taking just over 16% of the vote.

Based on the response we saw when it was released, we thought the Buick Riviera Super would win this poll.  There seemed to be more venom aimed at that one, but at the end of the year it didn’t even crack the Top 3.  What were the others in the Top 3, you might ask?  Well, let us tell you:

#2, with 14% of the vote, the Dodge Demon:

and #3, with just under 12%, the Toyota Tundra:

We will let you guys explain why you chose these two, and we welcome any comments below.  Our guess?  The Demon is bland (we agree), and the Toyota is not a Mustang.  Random guesses, but that is all we can come up with.  Maybe the Toyota because it is not a car.  Who knows?  You tell us.

But we agree on the Demon, and that is why the Dodge Demon Super is the Lamley choice for Worst Super of 2013:

Again, “Least-Liked” is more appropriate, but of all 15, this one was the most underwhelming.  And it is too bad, because Mopar was badly underrepresented among the Supers in 2013.  Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, and (surprisingly) Toyotas made up the majority of the lot, with one lonely Dodge taking up the 15th slot.  Sadly, it is shaping up to be more of the same in 2014, at least so far.  We have yet to see one at all in the Super lineup.

So considering Hot Wheels threw only one Mopar in, we wish another casting was used.  Superbird? Charger?  Challenger?  Power Wagon?  Lots of good choices.  But they chose instead the Demon, and made it look essentially just like the basic version.  Flames don’t do it for us as well, so it had a bit going against it in the Lamley camp.

After that, we were least enthralled by the Falcon, ’69 Camaro, and Riviera.  But seriously, not enough to hate them.  Just to like them a little less.  The Supers have been great, and Hot Wheels is on a bit of a hot streak with them.  (As long as a JDM Super pops up in 2014.)

So give us your thoughts.  What do you think of the Reader’s Choice?  The Lamley Choice?

In case you are wondering, the results on all 15:

’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport


’09 Corvette ZR1


’73 Ford Falcon XB


’71 El Camino


’10 Ford Shelby GT-500 Super Snake


’64 Buick Riviera


Bone Shaker


’62 Corvette


Toyota 2000GT


’72 Ford Ranchero


’69 Camaro


’67 Camaro


’10 Toyota Tundra


’07 Ford Mustang


’71 Dodge Demon


More Lamley Awards to come…

10 Replies to “2013 Lamley Awards: Readers & Lamley Choices for Worst Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt…”

  1. I can understand the Demon and Bone Shaker (which was my vote) but man it hurts to see the Tundra here. That was my second favorite super of 2013 and I can't tell you how happy I was to find one. Everything about it just worked if you ask me.

    But as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I guess most people just didn't see the Tundra as a beautiful super like I did.

  2. The Toyota is there because with what they're conveying in height with that big hunk of plastic you feel its mostly plastic with its weight and design with those fender flares and bed. Its a disappointment that didn't change with the Super.

  3. You see that? Well, maybe eh I like the Dodge Demon, but that Bone Shaker is super ugly! I hate its pink magenta color. Coz, I don't like pink. Not a color to choose for me. But you get the idea.

    When I see that WORST UGLY Regular TH for the 2013 Lamley Awards, I'll take a comment to say it's more UGLY than just worst dudes.

    Yes, this was going to make me doomed. I thought that the worst TH would be the 64' Buick Rievera, then the bone shaker, and then the 62' Ford Ranchero!

  4. too much plastic in Toyota
    lightest TH$ i ever had
    it's more like an error with RR than TH$
    and also Mattel should add Toyota logo to make it more super

  5. The Bone Shaker is maybe the less-liked, this cast is ugly for me but it has a lot of loyal followers. The Dogde Demon have decos that doesn't match for a TH, simply put. And maybe they are the worst becuase this year ther have been very good TH's, maybe.

  6. The Toyota isn't a very good casting, and it's ugly and lame in real life. Add that the deco isn't the best, and it's not a winner. Agree on the Demon–not the best casting or deco (tribal flames on a muscle car?), and not much more super than the mainline.

  7. I have to say, I agree that I don't know why the Toyota truck is here. Is it also a worst $TH casting also? Hmm…

  8. I think Mattel could make all Supers better by putting coloured stripes or Goodyear tampos on the tires like they did in on past Super Treasure Hunts. Some green striped tires would have livened up that Dodge Demon and some white walls would have made the Bone Shaker look better as well.

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