Just Released: Carded versions of the 2014 Hot Wheels Twin Mill Super, The Homer, Alpine White BMW E30, and more…

Ah, the science of Mattel distribution.  I am not a hobby dealer, nor do I play one on TV.  But I know a few.  How some get some models early, and others don’t is beyond me.  At least, in most cases, these models will all eventually make it to the pegs.

But we sure love to see them when they are released.  And in our online travels, a few carded models have emerged.

Starting with an upcoming Super Treasure Hunt, the Twin Mill:

We have spent a great deal of time here at Lamley explaining that Regular TH’s are for budding collectors (aka kids), and Super TH’s for adult/already-in-deep collectors.  That is why Regs are heavy on fantasy and Supers on realism.  Well, the Twin Mill is fantasy, but a one of the most collector-aimed non-licensed models there is.  It is as classic as they come.  And it appears Hot Wheels is releasing one of these every year as a Super, among 14 other licensed models.  Last year it was the Bone Shaker, this year the Twin Mill.  Next year the Beatnik Bandit?  Or Dixie Challenger?  (Yes I know it is a Challenger, but it is more Hot Wheels than Dodge.)

So we here won’t get too excited about the Twin Mill, but won’t hesitate to snag one off the pegs if we come across it.

Next, several models from upcoming Batch F have emerged on their cards, and we are licking our chops at this batch.  Yeah, everyone wants to see The Homer, which appears to be very well executed, but we here are more interested in many of the other models in the batch.

You can see all of the F models at the link below:

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch F

9 Replies to “Just Released: Carded versions of the 2014 Hot Wheels Twin Mill Super, The Homer, Alpine White BMW E30, and more…”

  1. M3 and Supra are the only highlights for me in this batch. Nothing else interests me, not even the super treasure-hunt. Still, thanks for the heads up! Will be looking high and low for that E30 and Supra.

    – Black Wind

  2. WHAT THE HECK!? Are you saying batch F is now out at eBay? WOW, I hadn't even got some models from batch E yet!

    That really surprised me though.

  3. WHAT THE HECK!? Are you saying that batch F already hit eBay? WOW, I still don't have some models from batch E! Very good Hot Wheels! Impressing.

    Though, I'm still impressing.

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