As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending December 7, 2013…

The Lamley offices are under several inches of snow at the moment.  It means lazy Sundays, very slick roads, tons of shoveling, and, for some reason, volatile internet.

So at the moment the internet is working fine, so the As is the Custom post will go up now, several hours early.  Better now than never.  If you just submitted some work, don’t worry, we will save them for next week.

As we expected, the HW Civic EF is the hot model to customize right now, right on the heels of the Datsun 620.  So we are a little Civic-heavy today, but we don’t have one iota of a problem with that.

As always, be sure to submit your customs by way of email (, our Facebook page, orInstagram (hashtag your photo #lamleycustoms) to ensure that we will see them.


@towiilopez – Instagram


@lukeshotwheels – Instagram

Yuuki Furukawa

Leo’s Trash Cars

Mike Bisiak

@Perry_544 – Instagram

347 Customs

@denz_idris – Instagram


Night Stalker – HWC

Kyle Farley

@namanyayudish – Instagram

Gil Siegfried

Balázs Kisgyörgy

@mrsenctvt – Instagram

Volta Garage

@Primo323 – Instagram

@Babythai206 – Instagram

@Relle_customs – Instagram

Mass Putra

D-For Diecasts

Dom Skooch

@Gr8_Mini – Instagram

@5pudly – Instagram

Joey’s Custom Cars

Gulliver Omega

9 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending December 7, 2013…”

  1. My personal favorites, the M2 Auto-Haulers semi made into a weather Chrysler Brazil semi… Very Cool!

    The Matchbox Volkswagen Saveiro Cross in yellow with matching trailer is next, it's simple and so few people customize them…. or even know what it is!

    Also, the VW Drag Bus that appears to be cast off the original only with clear resin of some sort? With the only 'original' pieces being the wheels? I would like more information on this one if anyone knows?

    & lastly the series of Christmas Tree covered cars and pickups with snow atop them is pretty cool and seasonally fitting! 🙂

  2. This has to be one of the most creative batches yet! Awesome work. Surely love the 'haulin' the tree home' line simply because it's the Christmas season. So much great work, hard to pick favorites, but it's nice to see the Datsun P/U with the 4×4 theme goin' on. Great work – i'm jealous!

  3. The question raised by @GR8_Mini's customs is this: when is Hot Wheels going to get around to making the Turtle Van? For that matter, what about the Monkee Mobile?

    I love the A100 Christmas tree ornament. That truck just looks so classy at its stock height, and the weathering for that whole series (as has been mentioned) was expertly done.

    The green lifted Datsun pickup turned out really nice. I've been wanting to customize the Datsun, and looking at how others have done so. If mine turns out looking anything close to that, I'll be pretty happy with it.

  4. Hats off if that Drag Bus was done via acrylic casting.

    Also, +1 to all the hand-painted liveries, +1 to the super cute Jetsons car, love the Christmas ornament cars, and great job on the Marlboro McLaren!

    The weathering thing is getting old though. Time to switch it up, Leo.

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