First Look: Kyosho Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid…

Kyosho alert.  Never fear, Hot Wheels collectors, we will be back with more of the blue brand, but you should pause for just a second to take a look at this model…

The fifth Porsche from Kyosho has been out in Japan for a couple of months now, and finally more worldwide dealers like Daboxtoys are getting it in.  There are eight models, all in three different colors.  It is heavy on the 911, but that is not a surprise:

Looking at that list, there are a couple of models that stand out: the 918 Spyder (which we will be featuring next month), and meanest 911 of the bunch, the GT3R Hybrid.

No need to explain the GT3 R Hybrid here, as there are more than enough car blogs and youtube videos to explain the purpose of the car, as well as how it works.  But the flywheel technology gives you a little faith that we can go a bit more green and still manage to skip a heartbeat or two when the power from the flywheel kicks in and gives the car the equivalent of a turbo boost.

Something cool?  Kyosho included the flywheel, which sits where a passenger normally would, in the interior of its 1:64 replica.  Little detail, yes, and very hard to see, but it is these little details that makes Kyosho such a great brand to collect.

Obviously the GT3R Hybrid is not in production, and the only prototype comes in the orange and white racing livery, which Kyosho has duplicated.  We will feature that model alongside the 918 soon.  But Kyosho has also made it possible to know what a street version would look like if there was some lucky bastard who could have one.  That is what we are featuring today – the silver and white versions.

While it is always nice to have a replica of a historic car, you don’t want it to be ugly.  The GT3 R is thankfully not at all.  To us, it is the best-looking model of the entire Kyosho set (Kyosho knows it to, that is why the secret chase car is also the Hybrid).  As big fans of Rauh-Welt Porsches, we love the flared wheel wells and super low racing stance of the GT3 R.  Looks-wise it is easily the current equivalent to one of our favorite Porsches ever, the 993 GT2.

So enjoy the photos.  This model is a gem, and we are pretty stoked to have these two in the Lamley collection, with another coming.

And if you want one, hurry the hell up and get to Daboxtoys.  They have the GT3 R in stock right now, but that won’t be for long.  That goes for all models in the set.  Follow the link below and grab those Kyosho Porsches you want:

Kyosho Porsche #5 for sale

Kyosho Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid:

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  1. No problem if you don't go back to HW, this is supreme.

    (OK go back, I love the HW too) Even when Mattel is trying to do a better job with their casts, this Kyosho and Tomica stop me from purchasing too may Hot Wheels and Matchbox

  2. YAWN, more Porsche, cant anyone actually think of something different for a change, its teh same old thing time after time from every manufacturer, how about doing something different, you never know people might actually want to buy something that's not German based.

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