First Look: Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera (with Matchbox comparison pics)…

The brand new Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera is out, and we already know that it will be released a little later in red.

When that news was released, a friend asked me which one I liked better.  I answered, and asked for his favorite.  His answer?  The Matchbox.

This Hot Wheels Panamera has a few things going against it.

One, the design of the real thing has been widely panned.  While it has grown on me in the last few years, it was still a shock to behold when it was first released.  Two, it has kind of become the dick car in Los Angeles.  Big bad Porsche driven by what can only called a big, epically bad driver.  And three, Matchbox already did a Panamera, and they did it very well.

So a lot of people want to compare the two, and we did just that below.  You can come up with your own thoughts on each, and decide which one you like better.

Here is the neat little caveat as you decide which one you like better:  Both the Matchbox Panamera and the Hot Wheels Panamera were designed by the same person.  Ryu Asada designed the Matchbox when he was on the orange team, and when he switched to blue, the Panamera was one of his first projects.

So you don’t have to comment on talent, or execution, just direction and aesthetic.  Hot Wheels has followed its speed theme with a lowered Panamera complete with rear spoiler, while the Matchbox features the Panamera in all its stock glory.

So which do you like better?

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Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera (2014 New Models):

Together with the Matchbox:

With the other 4-door sports car in Batch C:

21 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera (with Matchbox comparison pics)…”

  1. The Matchbox captures it perfectly. The spoiler gets in the way on the Hot Wheels. I don't like the C pillar on the Hot Wheels. The spoilers robs what is supposed to be a chief view on the Porsche.

  2. if only hot wheels did tampos on the rear lights.. that would be perfect.. i dont mind the wing.. i love how the bumper skirts on the hot wheels. while for the stock model, Matchbox is great.

  3. Awesome pics dude! You're really catching the Lamborghini Estoque and the Matchbox versioned Panamera.
    But anyways, this car is stellar! I saw T-Hunted and they showed the Panamera in red. It wasn't today. It was about a few days ago. I bet some collectors would love to see the red version of this Porsche, because I am.

    And yep, it's a Turbo S model. I can tell because the back says it.
    And Porsche is like fast and sexy. How Porsches are sexy because of their style, and you can really tell because just really look at the edge of both front and the back bumpers. It's on every kind of Porsche.

    Yes, I agree with other people who say that the Matchbox version is more detailed than the Hot Wheels version. I hate that the taillight t***** (TEMPOS) isn't there. And the side skirts and other details on the Hot Wheels version really sucks. Why can't mattel produce a much better version of the Hot Wheels versioned Panamera? I mean, that Matchbox version is much better.

    But anyways again John, good photos of that car!!!

  4. I like them both. It would be interesting to hear Ryu Asada's comments on the reasons for the differences between the castings.

  5. I think it looks kind of ugly. Those big, bulky black bumpers make it look very strange, but i never thought the Panamera was a good looking car in the first place.

  6. Precisely. The Hot Wheels version is hideous, which I confirmed today when holding it in hand.

    Matchbox Pros: Accurate replication of the real world beautiful car, those who don't like it are entitled to pursue their own automotive design degree… but hey taste is subjective.

    Hot Wheels Cons: WIndow dimensions, c-pillar particularly, larger wheels relative to the body, horrible fixed rear spoiler that would prevent the hatch from opening (one of the best features of the car!), performance trims of the Panamera have a spoiler; and it retracts. That said, since Hot Wheels somehow HAD to make their own Panamera variant, I would've expected exactly this, people will buy it but I will pass.

    As a Porsche enthusiast and owner I will continue to gleefully collect the Matchbox version. 🙂

  7. That Hot Wheels version looks so wrong when compared to it's orange brother! That lowered roofline makes it look like a chop-top, and those silly big wheels and bumpers and side-skirts give it a kind of tuner and ricey look. Not good. And other problems with the casting itself have already been highlighted in the previous comments by other fellow collectors. This is when you start to appreciate the Matchbox version's simplicity and beauty. Its just done so perfectly, that bulbous rear end actually looks beautiful, the wheels (style and size) look correct and even the color is looking great! This car perfectly sums up what Matchbox is about (if and when they get it right). And then returning to the Hot Wheels, it looks like something out of Mansory. That said, I will buy the HW version just for fun. As for my “collector's satisfaction”, the 2014 mainline Matchbox version in silver should just be around the corner.

    – Black Wind.

  8. That's Hotwheels' thing. Take an everyday car and put a custom touch to it. I do however like the fact that Matchbox at times can give us a fairlly accurate car. Its nice to see the different styling cues between the two brands. I like em' both and will grab them.

  9. you can not blame Matchbox for the design of the Panamera, that's all down to the VAG group, the Matchbox is near perfect, I know my neighbour has one, and I gave him a matchbox version, and he loves it.

    however the HW version is ok, the only thing that ruins it is teh massive slabs of black plastic for side skirts and front and rear bumpers, they really should have been thinner and less intrusive.

  10. I'm usually an “if it aint broke don't fix it” kind of guy. But in this case, I kinda like the spoiler. It somewhat keeps this car from looking like a sausage. But then again, I always felt that the Panamera looked like a Porsche 911 contrived as a sedan.

    That being said, great car nonetheless.

  11. I like both:

    Hot Wheels make it look very agressive with the front and rear ad-ons. BAD: the massivev rearwing and lack of rear tampos

    Matchbox: They did a great job. no more words.

  12. that porsche is ugle and reele usfull. i dunno about that matchbox vershion, but i love that matchbox vershion insted of that shithotwhels

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