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Lamley News: Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch E is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Hmmmm, this line might be picking up a little steam…

We have made it known that we were a little underwhelmed with the initial castings choices in the Cool Classics line, but that seems to be changing, and changing fast.

On the heels of learning that the Honda CR-X and ’87 Toyota Truck would grace the Cool Classics lineup in 2014, here comes the fifth batch in 2013, full of what we think are great models.

Yes, they continue to be heavy on American Muscle and Classics, but we like what we see.  The ’61 Impala was a favorite new model in 2012, and you can’t go wrong with a hot pink COPO Camaro…

Our good friends at Wheel Collectors have just gotten the batch, and you can see all the models by following this link:

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch E

We don’t know when these will be in stores, so grab those you want now at Wheel Collectors…


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  1. Nearly every car in the Boulevard line was something special, the peak of each respective casting it seemed, even for less desired models… but the Cool Classics, still unsure. I bought the Chrysler Turbine without a second thought but nothing else has really ignited much interest from me. They would make great Christmas ornaments with the spectraflame paint though!

  2. I still haven't seen anything newer than the first batch, getting a little frustrating when I see people posting pics of all the ones people are finding and all I see are the Turbo Mustang and that tricycle(forget it's name) Would like to be able to get some of these new releases.

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