2013 Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Regular Treasure Hunt of 2013?

Two votes down, a few more to go…

We have already voted on Best and Worst Super Treasure Hunts of 2013, now lets move on to the regular Treasure Hunts.

This was an interesting year for regular Treasure Hunts, as Mattel surprised collectors by removing all indicators except for a hidden message behind the model on the card, and adding a small circular design on each TH.  It was quite amusing last year to see the scramble as collectors flew back to Kmart to gobble up the Bread Box Treasure Hunts that were all left behind after learning what they were.

So were we are with 15 “secret” regular Treasure Hunts.  There were a lot of opinions expressed about these during the year, but now we will see what collectors feel are the best and worst of the lot.

We start with:

What was the BEST Regular Treasure Hunt of 2013?

There are many ways to think about this one.  Maybe you really like the casting.  Maybe you really like the deco.  Maybe the one that surprised you the most.  Look them over below, and decide your favorite, and then vote.

You can vote two ways:

  • Look over to your right, and you will see the poll.
  • Follow the link below:
And as always, tell your friends, and if so inclined let us know why you chose what you did in the comments section below.
For your review, we have called on our friends at South Texas Diecast to provide the pics.  If you don’t have their website bookmarked, you should…
Here they are, in order of release:
Bread Box


’10 Camaro SS

Fast Fish

Circle Trucker

’64 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Sting Rod II

Prototype H-24

Custom ’77 Dodge Van

Dodge Challenger Drift Car

Ford Mustang GT Concept

Fire Eater

’12 Ford Fiesta

Mazda RX-7

Bad to the Blade

11 Replies to “2013 Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Regular Treasure Hunt of 2013?”

  1. Is it OK if we vote more than once?

    Anyways, my votes were: 10' Chevy Camaro SS, Dodge Challenger Drift, Ford Mustang GT Concept, 12' Ford Fiesta, and Mazda RX-7. So, I picked 5 models.

    And of course, the Mazda is already winning by 60 votes, just like the Toyota 2000GT won for the popular Hot Wheels TH.
    And yeah, japanese cars are WINNING for everything! The two Japanese Nostalgic famous cars.

  2. I voted for the Fast Fish, simply for the Gulf livery. You could put the Gulf livery on a Shark Cruiser and I'd still probably vote for it, I'm just that much a sucker for it. Objectively though, putting my Gulf obsession aside, the RX7 is hands down the best, followed by the Challenger Drift car. The one I'm most surprised that I like, is the Bad to the Blade. I hated it at first but it keeps growing on the kid in me, fighter jet looks and the colors compliment each other well, never would have guessed I'd end up liking it.

  3. Haha Gulf livery on the Shark Cruiser… I like it. The last Shark Cruiser I obtained was the only one, the 95' model… in 1995!

  4. I personally think the Challenger is the best designed car… though I voted for the Carbonator for the memory I have around finding it.

    While experiencing the great consumerism spectacle that is 'Black Friday' in the US post-Thanksgiving last year. My girlfriend and I strolled into a Target at just the right time to see the 'lucky' 20 or so shoppers leaving with their dirt cheap generic brand big screen TVs… had no plans of making a specific purchase but visited the diecast isle as usual, crickets chirping there amidst surrounding insanity (evidently children only want iPads today?) and found a Carbonator hanging right in front. I avoid most fantasy cars but this one is a functioning bottle opener on wheels; regardless of your beverage choice, how cool is that?! Then noticed it was a T-Hunt by the subtle card message. After walking around to see more hair-pulling, cart-stuffing action, all in the Christmas spirit of course; we got in line, waited our 30 minutes to check-out in the Electronics section beside everyone purchasing hundreds in gifts, and placed our single Hot Wheels Carbonator on the counter… The cashier completely caught up in the flashing lights and sounds of the over worked cash register, froze, looked up, as if this was a trick and we were hiding the remaining tower of purchases to confirm that we were spending just $1. Yep. The cashier asked a second time, this time causing the other cashier and surrounding customers to stop, look, and consequently smile, frozen for a minute among the madness. My girlfriend insisted on buying, in the spirit of Christmas, I then took the single Carbonator in hand and we made our escape. Evidently an anomaly on Black Friday.

  5. I also voted the RX7, but the selection wasn't too bad this year. The Challenger was nice too and unfortunately, I had to acquire them secondary market, though I probably would've found some had I gone to Big Lots earlier (got more RX7s that way). I did find a lot of Sting Rods to my disgust and a fairly decent amount of Camaro Police Cars. And like the guy not far above me, I found mine on Black Friday as well at Target, though I was there to buy a VW long sleeve shirt for $8, though perhaps there might have been a Super in the mix as well.

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