Lamley News: New Matchbox Out in Australia…

We have seen some of these, but others are new.  Our friend Graeme from Australia originally let us know that he game across the Porsche Cayenne, and earlier today went back to the shop to see what else was in the batch.  He came across a few more models.

Now we will admit to not doing any due diligence on this.  We have no idea what batch this is.  It is clearly a ROW batch, as some of the models have already appeared in the US, and other haven’t.  And we have no idea if this is a full batch.  The model we would think should be there is the BMW 1M, but considering how popular it has been since its release, it may be that a lucky collector already got to it.

But here is what Graeme found.  A couple of German speedsters (Cayenne & Audi R8, looking great in blue), plus a few other odds and ends, including the new non-licensed car/SUV model.  Keep your eyes open, as these should hit worldwide very soon…

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  1. The BMW 1M was on the pegs with the rest of the cars, in fact there was two. I didn't take a photograph of it. This is was just a fraction of the assortment or case, the rest hadn't been put out for sale. Graeme.

  2. Ah, the Ford Explorer Police! My favorite casting ONLY for this batch. But the 60th anniversary is WAY MORE better than this one and the other casting.

  3. I found this in a Target store just north of Adelaide (not CBD). Target have been recieving shippers which contained old 2012 stock. This store had this assortment on the pegs, as well as a shipper. No other Target has received this stock north of Adelaide. Graeme

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