Lamley News: It appears the mysterious Matchbox 60th Anniversary International Brush Truck has been dumped at the Mattel Store, and they are now available on eBay…

While this is not necessarily solving a mystery, it does appear the future of the special 60th Anniversary Matchbox Double-Diecast International Workstar Brush Truck has been determined.

If you remember, this model was the subject of much discussion when it appeared on eBay several months ago.  I was Ambassador at the time, and knew a little about it but was instructed not to mention it in my reports.  The was fear that the Brush Truck that was listed was stolen, but as it turned out the seller found them legitimately at the Mattel Store.  Since then there has been a lot of questions regarding when and where it would be available.

Here is what I know.  This model was slated to be part of a promotion by Mattel in conjunction with a major US retailer to celebrate Matchbox’s 60th Anniversary.  I don’t know for sure, but I think it would have been similar to the Kmart promotions with Hot Wheels, where one could buy 20 models and send in the receipts and card backs to get the model mailed to them.  The retailer apparently backed out, leaving Mattel with already completed model.

Its future has been in flux since, and now all of a sudden it is appearing on ebay.  My guess?  Mattel could not figure out a way to get this model out, so off to the Mattel store it went.  A few lucky visitors must have bought them up, and now here it is on ebay.  Great for them, and if you can fork over what they are asking, at least now you can get one.

We just bought one ourselves, and we were able to convince the seller we used to offer something special to Lamley readers.  Here is the listing:

Matchbox 60th Anniversary International Brush Fire Truck

You will see he allows you to make an offer.  Make an offer of $32, mention “Lamley” in the comments section, and the seller will accept.  That is almost a 20% discount.

Do we wish this was easier to get?  Of course.  But this is how things go, and it appears going through sellers will be the way to get it.  The model is a beauty, and $32 is not a huge markup considering it would have been $20 plus shipping to get one the way it was intended.

One other bit of news.  It looks like the latest version of the Matchbox Porsche Cayenne has made its way to Australia.  One of our Lamley friends Graeme let us know he found it, and took this photo:

There were no other new models, so he has no idea what else is new.  At least we know this one is coming…

4 Replies to “Lamley News: It appears the mysterious Matchbox 60th Anniversary International Brush Truck has been dumped at the Mattel Store, and they are now available on eBay…”

  1. I love the card design on the International. I would rather have this card design for the 60th than the current one. Modern, yet hearkens back to the '70s

  2. Does anyone know what retailer this would have been? Walmart? Meijer possibly? This interests me as part of the Matchbox mystery! I am curious as to how many were produced and are/were available at the Matchbox store; are they still in stock? This seems like an item that may flood eBay and decline in cost?

  3. I believe these trucks all hit either the Pomona or San Bernardino, CA Mattel stores only, since the eBay sellers selling them are all close by these two stores.

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