The Customs of Ernest Li: Starion, Pagani, Lamborghini, and more…

One of our favorite customizers, and a friend who has supported Lamley since its early days, Ernest Li of Hong Kong, just sent in his latest custom projects.  The output is so prolific we thought we would give Ernest his own post.  Plus, a guy who has placed first and third in both Lamley Custom Contests, respectively, deserves a little showcase.  And something to keep in mind: These all started as Hot Wheels…

So on with the show, including Ernest’s thoughts below:

(Thanks Ernest.)

It’s me again! Glad to receive a prize from Lamley group again in the 2nd Lamley Group custom Contest! Thanks for all the support!

What I have do in these days? I have made some new stuffs! Recently, I got my new Corvette C7 and Hot Wheels didn’t disappoint me as the carbon fibre roof really looks awesome. You may notice that the red on my Corvette looks different. Um………Yup! I have resprayed mine into metallic wine red with black rims. Together with the New Viper, 2013 New Muscle Mania? Which would you prefer? Tough choice right?
Not only the new C7 impressed me, the Pagani Huayra is one of the best Hot Wheels Supercar I have ever encountered. Here are four examples of what the Hot Wheels Huayra could be. The Huayra chassis number 1 was first announced with wine red and carbon fibre, then with Mille Miglia wrap, then with Goodwood Festival of Speed wrap, and then with gold wrap now. Er….how many wrap would there be on this Huayra? I have made three of them now and the Mille Miglia version is still on the way to my garage. Something more from Italy, from Lamborghini. If you are a Lamborghini fan, could you recognize what I am showing here? 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th are what I have completed in these days.
What’s more? Maybe supercar is too mainstream right? Um….Vw Kool Kombi van okay? I turned it into a van and mine is just too……………….(There are tons of people here made the same thing and hundred times better than mine)
Last thing I would like to show you is the Mitsubishi Starion. I was inspired by and I have copied what was shown there. It works! (Of course, blistercards’ looks better!)
Thanks for giving me a chance to write here and a prize a the contest.
For more, feel free to visit my page on Facebook, Ernest’s Garage.

8 Replies to “The Customs of Ernest Li: Starion, Pagani, Lamborghini, and more…”

  1. I like the Pagani. My favorite from one of the Paganis are the gold and the red one. I also like the 2014 corvette and 2013 viper. Well it isn't a tough choice because I like both of them. I like the Lamborghini Aventador and the 458 Italia.

    But anyways, is the Lamborghini a 60th anniversary edition? Cause' last time I saw one of your customs and saw it.

    But again, nice post.

  2. Are all these models from Hot wheels?
    Anyways, did you know the Lamborghini Countach is a Hot wheels one too because I have the 2013 world race 5 pack and there's a Lamborghini Countach. Also the starion, probably it might be half Toyota, half Mitshubishi because you're using your Toyota AE86 corolla from the 2013 Hot wheels to turn it into a starion, so anyone who customizes any of their 2013 Hot wheels Toyota corolla AE86, they turn it into a starion or they just customize the Toyota instead. Why it's making an idea for some customizers (or collectors) to make a starion.

    I forgot, I also like the Lamborghini Murcielago in blue. I don't like the Kool Kombi or the Lamborghini Diablo (Of course DUH, maybe a Pink Fuscia color which is the color I really, absolutely hate).

    So, really again, great photos Ernest Li. Comment me back…

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