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Variation Alert: 2014 Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 with white-lipped PR5 wheels…

We wanted to report this in time for Kdays, in case anyone is lucky to find one…

HWC collector burchie-man reported this short-card find today in the variation forum on HWC:
At first glance it looks like the normal PR5 version, but upon closer inspection you see that the wheels are actually white-lipped instead of chrome-lipped.  A small difference, but enough to constitute a vari in our eyes.
So that means there are two variations on the E30 to look out for this Saturday at Kdays:
  1. With and without a roll bar in the back.
  2. With white-lipped wheels.
From what we have seen, the roll bar vari is fairly common, but that could chance as the B cases hit worldwide.  But that white-lipped vari?  The jury is still out.  Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you are lucky enough to find one at Kdays…
We have seen variations like this before.  The one I can think of off-hand is the BMW M3 GT2 in black from 2012:
Red was the common version, chrome the rare.  In fact, we still only know of one chrome vari reported, by us, after finding it in a 9-pack at Kmart.  We like BMW’s, and we like variations, so we are on the lookout for this new one…

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  1. I have short carded version, rool cage and silver lip. I also have a long card from a Kday case and no roll cage with silver lip. No I will have to find this version.

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