Lamley News: November 2nd Kmart Days Exclusives & First-to-Markets have been unveiled…

A quick pop-in to let you know that Kmart has unveiled the exclusives and first-to-market models that will be available at the upcoming Kmart Hot Wheels event on November 2nd.

As always, the 36-count cases are available for sale online, and the photos were included in the listing.  There are a few that surely interest us, namely the first-to-market Toyota AE86 & Kool Kombi for 2014, and the exclusive colors on the Cadillac CTS-V and Nissan Titan.

We will be at our local Kmart this Saturday and will surely report our finds, and we hope those of you attending will as well.

For now, here is what to expect this Saturday.  Which models are you looking forward to?

Kmart Exclusives:

Cadillac CTS-V

Nissan Titan

Custom ’64 Galaxie 500

Dodge Challenger SRT8


Toyota AE86 Corolla

Kool Kombi

Chevy Silverado

21 Replies to “Lamley News: November 2nd Kmart Days Exclusives & First-to-Markets have been unveiled…”

  1. How about the 11' Dodge charger RT?

    Anyways, I never knew some of the models were a KMART exclusive. And yep, they look like that they're recolors of the mainline. I really notice a lot the Dodge challenger SRT is more a recolor. Because the 71' challenger has that color. To answer the question above, the question is probably right.
    But where do you find these KMARTS? Toys R US? Wal-Mart (SERIOUSLY, MY WALMART I'VE BEEN CHECKING THE WHOLE BOX AND I AINT KIDDING), or target? I only find treasure hunts and zamac at my Wal-Mart. That's it for now

  2. The Toyota Corolla, but we won't see it for a little while down under… Maybe if I asked nicely you could post one out??

  3. My personal irony here… These Kmart exclusives don't interest me because of the busy paint jobs; (I particularly enjoy solid re-color exclusives like the Buick Grand National in blue & Corvette of years past) yet the only one I'd like to buy 2 of is the busiest paint job of all… the retro and especially psychedelic recolor of the Kool Kombi! If I attend Kmart Collector days it will likely be to collect 2 of those quietly than have to dig to the bottom of 10 Hot Wheels dump bins to find them at Walmart in a month or so!

    Otherwise, I don't collect the AE86 Corolla but the current color combo is the best looking to me yet, a dark red interior is always a nice touch!

  4. The first-to-markets are C-case releases, The K-Mart exclusives are special recolors of 2013 mainline releases. Everything else you'll see at K-Day is from the B-case.

  5. I am so going to K-Day to get Nissan Titan, VW Kool Kombi, and AE86 Corolla. Interested about me, follow on Twitter at danielh7196 and I will follow you.

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