October 14 Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Nigel Cooper…

Ambassador Report 8
Last week I flew to Los Angeles for several reasons. I wanted to include a visit as Ambassador to the Matchbox Research and Design Department personnel at Mattel, visits to the three Mattel stores around Los Angeles just in case some more International Brush Fire Truck were hung on the pegs in error and search out the two latest Mission Force sets together with the final single release – the turquoise Tree Trimming Truck.
I must have visited most of the Kohl’s stores in southernCalifornia without success. I was unable to ring round the stores as the set appears to have been removed from their data base. I then contacted Kiddie Kar in PA and received this response:

Can’t help you at this time with the items.   Mattel will no longer let us order the new letter codes of the Mission Force or RWRs.   They will send me whatever is in the warehouse at that time.  Last time I received several cases of 5 pieces which contained 2 new fire, 1 Arctic, 1 jungle and 1 old police set from 2012 in 60th Anniversary packaging.  Financially it becomes a problem.  The time before I received a better mix containing 1 new fire, 1 farm, 1 new police but 1 old Arctic and 1 old police from 2012.  Would you please ask Mattel why they changed their policy on ordering letter codes for these items?  (also can’t order the letter codes on Creature Catchers)  Thanks, Joyce  
MATTEL: I cannot comment but will forward your questions to our team.
I understand that the most recent single Real Working Rigs will continue to be made but in exactly the same colour scheme as previously, as there is no possibility of a recolour. However, one piece of good news is that the Tree Trimming Truck has been found in Nashville at Hobbytown but as these stores are franchised it depends whether the owner wishes to stock the range and it may be luck whether the truck is in the case sent from Mattel. I have been asked to find out whether the Mission Force UFO set will be released and I have been told that it definitely will be issued. I askedhow many more Mission Force sets will there be before the RWR is replaced by 2 other single miniatures and was given this reply: 
There are 7 Mission Force packs this year (2013) that have a RWR vehicle.  2014 will have RWR replaced by 2 “singles miniatures”. 2014 packs will have new deco and themes.
I deduce from this that there are two more Mission Force sets to be released this year, one of which will be the UFO.
My visit to the three Mattel stores proved to be fruitless. There were plenty of old singles and a surfeit of Twin Packs, especially Secret Swamp and Snow Attack,  which I think first saw the light of day more than two years ago. I asked at Mattel HQ whether more Hitch ‘n’ Haul Twin Packs are planned and was told that more of the same Twin Packs were being manufactured. Given the very large quantities in the Mattel stores already, one would imagine that it will be some time before they are all purchased.
Some further answers from Mattel
Will there be any enhanced models produced for 2014, such as the 60th Anniversary or Double Diecast models?
There are no plans for enhanced models in 2014 but there could be more in the future.
Is there any further news on the Brush Fire Truck that has featured prominently in discussions?
No decision has been taken regarding this model.
Much of the artwork for the 2013 blister packs has been outstanding. However, some of the design is always lost by having the Matchbox logo printed vertically. Will this change in 2014?
The artwork is produced in China and a decision has been taken to revert to the Matchbox logo being shown horizontally across the top of the blister pack. The new logo will be shown on all products.
Will we see the Mercedes McLaren reintroduced into the range along with other Mercedes vehicles?
The situation with Mercedes is unresolved at present.
When the Mission Force sets are produced with three uniquely coloured miniatures, will the cost be reduced as two miniatures are much cheaper in the stores than one Real Working Rig?
It is not envisaged that the sets will be any cheaper.
Will we ever see a return of the Rover 3500? If Mattel ever decides to bring that awesome casting back, I will be sure to get at least 100 of it.
Manufacturing processes are always changing, often to keep the costs down. Castings older than five years cannot be re-introduced for this reason, so the Rover 3500 cannot be revived. It is also too expensive to extensively alter a mould or change tooling methods.
The Ambassador shows models from many years ago with opening parts, plated parts, suspension and even steering. Why can’t these features be included today in the Matchbox miniature range?
No model today can have more than four parts in its design and there are other considerations such as weight, ease of manufacture, ease of assembly and mould size.
Have I misunderstood what you said about the Panamera – is it to be included in the 2014 range as well as being an exclusive for the 9 pack?
The Panamera is only included in mainline and is not an exclusive in the 9/10 packs.  Sorry for the confusion.
Will the Jeep Willys in the Outdoor 5-pack also turn up in the basic range. Yes.
I’d like to know about the 2014 list which was shown once then was erased from the net. It included Pierce Velocity Aerocity ladder fire truck, Scania airport fire truck, International Ambulance… was it all humbug or will they really be part of the new castings sometime in the future?
This list was a fabrication and is bogus.
Is there any chance of seeing Saabs anytime soon? Now that they have a new owner who is restarting production, I would think now is the time that would become a possibility. I’d love to see the 92, 99, 900, Sonnet, etc., but I’d be happy just to see the new 9-3 if that’s all that’s possible. Will there be any more European models included in the range – either old or new castings?
We always include European models in the Matchbox line and will continue to do so.
Regarding your website for Matchbox, why is it already out of date? Why is it not possible to see pics of the complete MINIATURES range and be able to print them out ? This issue has been raised too many times to be continually neglected.
We are considering a way to provide “complete” images of the Matchbox singles line in lieu of a hard copy poster in the future. We do not have this at this time.
The Matchbox website is a great way to check out a miniscule portion of the 2012 range. Too bad it’s approaching the end of 2013.
Sorry for the disappointment. Currently the ambassador reports will show images of current and upcoming product.
The Lotus Exige is a very good casting, let down only by what appears to be inconsistent paint. Is this something Mattel is working to improve?
Define inconsistent paint.
Why can’t we get a non-chrome hub for military models like the Jeep? A near perfect model, let down by a small but important detail.
This is subjective. We do like to add a bit of sparkle on the wheels from time to time. Sorry if you felt let down by this.
(Ambassador – I referred to the Jeep last time. Here are some early pre-production models from the 1970s together with some pre-production samples from 1997 showing black wheels. What do you think?)

Is it possible to correct the nearly vertical windshield on the BMW Z8? This is a very good casting, deserving the effort to correct this.
We will look into this.
Can you give us the names of the 2014 5 packs please?
Yes.  Here they are:
·         CRIME SQUAD™
·         MBX© EXOTICS
·         JUNGLE RECON®
·         FIRE COMMAND™
·         RESCUE DUTY™
·         SEA RESCUE™
·         CITY WORKS™
I may have spoilt you by revealing too many images last week, as there are only three available to show you this week. They are all examples of 2014 colour schemes. The Lamborghini Miura, which I thought looked good in the metallic green of the 2013 9/10 pack, will appear in metallic brown.  It will be in the Exotics 5 pack for 2014.

Here is an advertisement for the original Miura of the 1960s.

The All Terrain Crane is shown in a new deco for 2014 which will be used for both mainline and the Construction 5 pack.
Finally, the International MXT-MVA will be used in the Battle Mission Force pack for 2014 in this livery.
I do read all of the comments on the boards to which I have access and I try to include a cross section of comments and questions. I understand the Matchbox team do read your comments and it is good to have a balance of praise as well as criticism and so last week’s comments were well received. I tend to include all the information I have to hand and let the next week look after itself but I do rely on your comments and suggestions. Occasionally I think that some collectors lose sight of the fact that Matchbox miniatures are manufactured down to a low cost and consequently cannot compete with models which are made in far less numbers for a much higher price. However, the models produced for the Conventions have consistently shown what Matchbox can achieve when not tied to a budget.
Finally, a few reminders of what once was the norm. Sorry the fold out leaflet was produced that way. Notice the green paint that was used on some of the new models. No doubt these were samples before a final decision of model colour had been taken or maybe just an artist’s impression. If there are particular models that you would like shown, I will do my best to show them.

Nigel Cooper  13th October 2013

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  1. Nice version of the MXT-MVA. Why can't you put this model in the 2014 1-120 mainline? Even when it's still in a 5 pack it doesn't need to be an exclusive model.

    OK, the miura, really a good version with the tempos (Again me saying about the tempos), but I wanted it in a matte red color. Why, no one thinks of a matte color? It can look good in one like hot wheels did on the 11' dodge charger RT in matte black in the 2013 fast and furious mainline.
    OK, Nigel, please, please, please show the decolor of the 12' dodge charger pursuit in its ORIGINAL DESIGN! Oh, even the new 2014 Silverado, and all the new 2014 new models!

    Nigel, I'm going to ask again like last time, “Is there going to be a 61ST ANNIVERSARY of matchbox?”
    Yep, that's my question.

    Now, again, I'm begging you to show the models I really expected!!! SO, PLEASE!!!???

    Thank you.

    Alright, I'm busy. SEE YA!

  2. No castings older than 5 years. This is good to know.
    Also: not more than four parts per casting.
    Those two design limitations answer many of the questions people have been asking. Thank you for sharing.

    I'm looking at some of the recent models and counting parts. I assume you count the chassis+wheels+axles as a single part, because otherwise I get more than four every time.

    Some of the play sets have photos on their boxes that show cars not in the main line. In particular I have noticed a tiny image of the Sahara Survivor with a solid bluish-green paint job and plain black plastic parts. The Sahara Survivor is a great casting, and the working shocks are always a top consideration for me. Is there a chance we might see this livery for sale? The first four liveries of this model fit the casting very well, and looked good. I haven't been as excited about the two more recent ones (the white/maroon one and the black/orange one), but I'd like to see the model available again.

    I like the new orange version of the all-terrain crane more than the original green/orange release–mainly because the black and grey plastic parts feel more believable to me than when they were done in orange and white.

    I finally have the Dodge A-100 in hand. It's a great model. I'm looking forward to many future releases of it, and I'm curious to see what other liveries it gets.

    Nigel, thank you for posting the pictures of the older Jeep castings. I had not realized that the two versions of it (lifted and stock height) were the same casting…but then again, I've never seen the stock height version in person.

  3. Looking at the list of five packs i can't help but notice that 4 of those sound like emergency vehicle type packs (Crime Squad, Fire Command, Rescue Duty, & Sea Rescue). Does that mean that 1/3rd of the five packs are going to be emergency related?

  4. About castings that have not been used in five years. The USPS delivery truck has not been used in several years ( I have it), but is still a common sight in many towns and cities here in the US. I would like to see it with dish wheels (not chromed). Could it be retooled like the Amigo?

  5. Can the Matchbox website be formatted similar to the Hot Wheels website, with a list of the models that have been released so far?

  6. Agree 100%. The Miura is always a bright spot in the Matchbox line up. Correct proportions, wheels, and coloring. If Hot Wheels did one it would surely not compare. I would love to see a future Miura done in white or red with gold wheels and side skirts as was a very attractive option on the original.

    Nigel, is it possible to find out what the other 4 models in the exotics 5 pack will be?

    I hope dearly it will be 4 more licensed genuine European sports cars! I strongly suggest the Matchbox Porsche 914 in a silver or ivory white re-color be included if at all possible! The 914 owners community currently has a thread 1400+ posts long and over 3 years in the making devoted to just the Matchbox 914… so that 5 pack would be a surefire sellout with the right cars.

  7. +2 on the castings older than 5 years & following part restriction info. This makes sense monetarily for Matchbox and to keep the line current and interesting for all consumers. Hopefully this information is broadcast among collectors and helps to curtail the same questions being fed to the folks at Matchbox.

  8. That would be a great re-tool, especially with black wheels and updated logos. The original proved hard to find & USPS could certainly use every penny from the licensing? Looking at it I fear Matchbox would reason that there is too much metal for it to be cost effective in the line today; thoughts?

  9. The licensing royalties that the USPS would earn is one of the reasons that I would like to see it back. Of the four USPS models that I have, Matchbox, USPS promotional (all plastic with a friction motor, got it at Tuesday Morning about 2 years back for $2), Hot Wheels Letter Getter and Scyhilling (not really, as it's generically designed), the best to me is the Matchbox as it has the letter sorting tray with the others lack.

  10. I think this version of the MXT-MXA is WAY BETTER than the 2013 version. BUT (READY FOR ME TO BE FUNNY!?), WHERE IS THE TEMPOS!!! OK, I'm sorry.

    OK, I guess you missed a type of the 5 packs.
    The “Airport” 5 pack”!?

  11. matchbox is getting worse year after year the 5 packs are having more unrealistic cars in it and the liverys are unrealistic
    matchbox should do just real life cars eg mercedes audi bmw holden ford chevrolet and keep the 5 packs to 8 themes
    Police, fire, outdoors, construction exotic cars, exclusives city works and something else

    the police cars should be dodge charger dodge magnum ford explorer chevy impala (2000 or 2013) ford crown victoria the surburban tahoe 97 crown vic need to go same with the evo impreza buick monaco etc

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