Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Violet 1400 Deluxe…

The Bluebird.  Everyone loves the Bluebird, especially with the numbers 5-1-0 attached somewhere.  I do too.  The box full of Hot Wheels 510 Wagons over on my shelf is proof enough.

And of course there are 240Z’s, and 620’s, and those other C10’s and C110’s, all with Nissan or Datsun badges on them, and they all get a lot of attention.  But here is the thing.  You start there, and then other little nuggets of nihon joy start appearing.  You remember the Datsun wagon your mom’s friend Janice drove, Colin’s mom’s Corolla, and you start looking them up, and you start realizing how cool those cars are, then you discover their JDM counterparts, then you start spending a shitload on Tomica Limited Vintage.

And I hear I am.  And here is another Tomica Limited Vintage Model that just gets me giddy.

The Nissan Violet.

Born exactly one year before me in January, 1973, you are looking, in a sense, at a 1973 Nissan Altima.  Violet is Stanza is Altima.  You folks in the States, rally star Violet is much unloved Datsun 710 is ultimately Altima.  Whatever it is/was, it was positioned over the Sunny (a TLV you will see on Lamley soon) and under the Bluebird (which you have and will see a lot on Lamley).

I like it for the lines.  It SCREAMS Japanese.  Swooping waves from front to rear, highlighted by a fastback rear.  Plus the JDM curved bumpers that fit so well (the 710 had the clunky American bumpers).  She’s pretty.  At least to my eagerly biased eyes.

So into the over-growing TLV collection goes the Violet.  As the Lamley office gets completed, one of the highlights will be the TLV display I am having made.  I don’t know when it will be ready, but we will show it when it is.  In the meantime, we will keep showing fantastic pieces from the Tomica Limited Vintage and TLV Neo lines as we get them.  We hope a few of you are enjoying them…

(Find the TLV and TLV-Neo on ebay or at Daboxtoys…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Violet 1400 Deluxe:

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  1. I must say as a kid we used to think cars like that the Toyota and that tiny Honda from 1972-73, were junky. But then we had muscle cars, big sedans and cars like the Chevy nova and Chevelle. I have come to appreciate these cars for what they are. Efficient well made and stylish cars that anyone would like being seen in.

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