This week’s "Lamley Deal of the Week" through October 5th…

The special sale for Lamley readers over at Wheel Collectors continues this week, and we wanted to make sure you are aware.  
As a reminder, over the last few weeks Wheel Collectors has offered a few Hot Wheels Boulevard models each week at prices that are hard to pass up.  And we are glad you are liking the listings.  Datsun 510 Wagons, Porsche 911 GT3s, Jeep Wagoneers, and many other models have been gobbled up.
There are four new listings for this week, so just click below to see what to grab before Sunday:
Good luck, and let us know if there are other models you would like to see be a Lamley Deal of the Week…

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  1. I want to get this one since I STILL don't have it. The Honda civic. Oh, um the 1990 civic looks a little better than this generation.

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