First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment ’75 Kenworth W900…

There are a few things to address with this truck.

  1. The movie the model is from.
  2. The casting itself.
  3. The real reason I like this model so much.
  4. It is going to fly off the shelves when it hits stores.

Let’s start with the movie.  Smokey & The Bandit.  Never saw it.  Mainly because it was out in the late 70’s and I was under five-years-old at that point.  Plus I am sure my parents would have been petrified to let me see it even if I were older.  Burt Reynolds in all his mustached glory was probably way too sexy.

I know there were sequels, I know Jackie Gleason and Sally Field were in one or all.  I know I have seen parts during a channel surf or two.  And I only associate the Firebird with it.  But there is a semi, and I am glad there is, because it prompted Hot Wheels to make a very nice version of said classic semi.

Which leads to the model.  Maybe it sits too high, but it doesn’t bother me.  Maybe the wheels are not totally correct, but it doesn’t bother me.  The fact is it is a classic Kenworth, which is what a truck should look like.  Not slanted like the Long Gone, not completely out of proportion like the Custom  Convoy (one of my least favorite premium models), just a behemoth, which trucks are.  Behemoths.  There are a lot of current Hot Wheels semi castings, and even more classic castings.  While I think some can legitimately argue that some classic castings are better (I don’t agree), to me there is no doubt this is the best current semi casting Hot Wheels has done.  By a mile.

And why do I like so much?  Because I loved Kenworth trucks as a kid.  And the ’75 W900 would have been the truck that I fell in love with.  (Yeah, I know.  Surprise.  A little boy likes trucks.  That is SOOOOOO unique John.  Here is a medal.)

But I did, and in pure kid fashion, I arbitrarily picked Kenworth as my favorite.  And according to my parents, I did it at a very young age.  In the grand old days of the 70’s family vacation, I apparently stood (yes, stood) in between my father (who was driving) and mother in the station wagon and pointed out every truck that would be heading the opposite way.  And I got especially excited when I saw the Kenworth badge sitting right on the truck’s nose.  When I was tiny, I made sure to single out every truck by pointing at it and yelling “TRUCK!” “TRUCK!”, only using “f” in place of “tr” was apparently a lot easier.  My clean-mouthed parents apparently got quite the kick out of my foul-mouthed toddler-hood.  I probably said more f-words before I was 3 than I did from 4 to 18.  I loved fu…uh…er…trucks.

And the fact that a 2-your-old Sam Kinison grew up to be me is the main reason I love this truck.  It may have hauled beer for Burt, but even better, it made me cuss in front of my parents.  Happy times…

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Hot Wheels ’75 Kenworth W900 (2013 Retro Entertainment):

8 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment ’75 Kenworth W900…”

  1. It was apparently the same deal with me when I was young, replacing the “tr” for “f” in “truck.” I'm told my mom and aunt used to get a kick out it whenever I'd see fire trucks, haha.

    Anyway, this is a great model indeed. Many have been comparing it to the Steering Rigs of the '80's, and saying that it sits a little too high as you stated. But it's still a great truck casting, will sit well next to the Thunder Roller.

    And I prefer the Long Gone. Mostly because of childhood memories of playing with the yellow one (then known as Long Shot), though, lol.


  2. I have seen this movie 20, maybe 25 times. Once, when I was a child, I watched it twice a day. And that's why I love Pontiac cars and american trucks.

  3. WOW, I like this design. Even the features. I guess this truck looks WAY better than the long gone truck. Now I have my own rules for the truck. 1. Find it 2. Add it to my collection 3. Compare it with the long gone truck. and the last one, 4. I'm ready to tell which one is the faster rig!


  4. HOW ABOUT THE TEMPOS?! OK, sorry.

    Anyway I was looking forward for tempos. Why I always ask about tempos on cars that don't have tempos is because I love tempos on cars so it can be a complete design.

  5. This is a nice model, but it would have been nicer to see this level of detail in the defunct Matchbox Convoy line.

  6. actually quite disappointed, no attention to detail. no tail lights, single rear tires and big fat front tires, trucks are known for their smoke stacks back in that era, sitting high above the cab. this is one truck that will go in my collection

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