Lamley News: 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard is showing up at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, and that includes the elusive Datsun 510 Wagon…

It is not everyday we do this, but we thought this bit of news merited a mention here on the blog.

I have been asked by more than a few collectors on Instagram and Facebook how I got so lucky to find so many Hot Wheels Boulevard Datsun 510 Wagons while traveling in California this weekend.  Well, it is time to divulge my secret.

 As most of us are aware, just as Boulevard got really good, the big box stores didn’t want them, and only a few have shown at Walmart, Toys R Us, and others.  So since January collectors have searched high and low for the Datsun 510 Wagon, Hakosuka Skyline, Porsche 993, Jeep Wagoneer, and many others.  As as result, prices of some of the 2013 Boulevard, especially the Datsun, skyrocketed on ebay, and they have been hard to find no matter where you are.

We always figured that some had to show somewhere, and we finally have an answer.  It appears that the excess cases of 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard have been shipped to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s stores.

I have no idea if this chain is in other countries, but if you live near one, it might be the right time to drop by and see what they have.

Keep in mind, it might be different depending on where you live.  I have heard from collectors in the east that are finding the batch with the Porsche 993, Ford Bronco, and Jeep Wagoneer.  Out here in the west it appears to be the first batch of 2013, which contains the Datsun Wagon, Skyline 2000GT-X, and Renault, among others.

And the icing on the cake?  They are are $2.99 each.  That is cheaper than what they would be at Walmart.

So head out let us know what you find.  We would love to report our friend’s finds here on the blog, as well as what is being distributed where.  Share what you come across with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.  We would love to see.

And I hope you have some of the same luck I was able to have over the last few days:

15 Replies to “Lamley News: 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard is showing up at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, and that includes the elusive Datsun 510 Wagon…”

  1. We have TK Maxx here in the UK so I will have to check, might be likely as Hot Ones, Cars of the Decades, High Speed Wheel, Drivers picks, 2013 USA G & H cases, 2011 Garage cars and the most recent Matchbox US cards have been showing up in Pound stores and Overstock/clearance type places.

  2. Neither one of those stores struck me as ones that would carry Hot Wheels, now I'll have to check them out as we have both here. I also scored this morning at a Wally World Neighborhood Market grand opening. I was the only one looking at the hot wheels there. Nothing special just a Q case with a TH and a Greenwood Corvette.

  3. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same parent company, hence why both are getting them.

    Based on reports I've read, it seems the final mix with the Jeep Wagoneer, Bronco, two Corvettes and Porsche 993 have been hitting the stores in the eastern states. Found them myself, though the Broncos were all snagged from the few stores I hit.


  4. Just to note, I have a feeling what mixes are found where will be pretty regional, sort of like how the Hot Ones were found at Dollar Trees at the end of last year.

    Just speculation, though…


  5. Why do you need that many? This is why I can't find any of certain models when they debut, because people get stupid numbers of them…

  6. John, I think you hit the store in Pasadena (Your FB pic was from balcony of Macys on Lake). I was there on Sunday and only found one Fiero left. I think you made off with the rest of the cars. I'm surprised you didn't scoop up the Tomicas.

  7. Yep, stores in the east (relatively anyway) being Ohio where I am have only the batch with the Porsche 993. I hit both 1 Marshall's and 1 TJ Maxx tonight and bought 1 each from that assortment except the Bronco… the paint and proportions in hand just looked pretty poor.

    Thanks for the heads up though! While I wouldn't have bought the Wagoneer at eBay prices with shipping since it isn't quite as sharp as the Johnny Lightning Casting for the same price with the dropping tail gate, it was worth $3, especially with the metal base and the big balloon tires!

    Also of note, immediately after me the others were scooped up… either odd coincidence or the Lamley blog is really that far-reaching nowadays?

  8. Found two Datsuns tonight. Thank you!! I went to the TJ close to my house yesterday looking for Wagoneers, but they had none. This post prompted me to go to the farther away one, and…
    Both cards were ripped up, but they're already in the trash.

  9. Nice! I was able to get a Porsche and a 63 Vette at one TJ Maxx after work. Then after I took my daughter to karate class I checked another TJ and found the Jeep, Bronco, and C6R Vette. The Marshalls across the way had squat. It was cool to get one of each of this case however I wish I could have found more (I really want that Datsun wagon) I would've bought ALL that was there just to scavange the wheels for customs.

  10. Hello im from the uk too and checked t k maxx today, usual crap there im afraid, will keep checking though.

    Was dreaming of walking in and seeing the 510 wagon mix haha

  11. I scored 3 more Wagoneers today, certainly one of those models that grows on you once in hand! They must have hit shelves a week ago or so since the cards had been through the ringer and one was clearly left as the 'wooden' painted side was diagonal like I've see in a few photos… it will be a custom/wheel donor. Though more telling there were no 911s remaining. Of 7 total stores in southern Ohio, 4 were either out or just had 1 C6R remaining which I left as that version is just so-so, and the dished red wheels didn't seem like they had too much potential for wheel swaps?

    Now if only I had 2 of those green Datsun wagons…

  12. this is probably a really stupid question (especially as I am a collecter too) but…. why do you buy so many? is it too resell them later?

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