15 Super Treasure Hunts in 15 Days: 14 ’07 Ford Mustang…

With the last Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2013 hitting the pegs, it is time look back at them all. Over the next 15 weekdays, the Lamley Group will showcase one Super each day, in order from first released to last…

If you missed it:

01 ’72 Gran Torino Sport
02 Corvette ZR1
03 ’73 Ford Falcon XB

04 ’71 El Camino
05 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

06 ’64 Buick Riviera

07 Bone Shaker

08 ’62 Corvette

09 Toyota 2000GT
10 ’72 Ford Ranchero

11 ’69 Camaro

12 ’67 Camaro

13 Toyota Tundra

Like the Tundra, it has not been that long since we showcased the 07 Mustang, so no need to go too in depth now.

But let’s say this.  If at the beginning of the year someone were to give me the list of 2013 Super Treasure Hunts and ask me to rank them sight unseen, the Top 5 would look something like this:

1. Toyota 2000GT
2. Ford Gran Torino
3. Ford Shelby Super Snake
4. ’67 Camaro
5. Corvette ZR1

Looking at the list I don’t think the ’07 Mustang would have made the Top 10.  But now with all 15 in hand, here is my Top 5:

1. Toyota 2000GT
2. ’07 Ford Mustang
3. ’62 Corvette
4. Ford Gran Torino Sport
5. ’67 Camaro

Look at that?  #2 for the green Mustang, and the one I thought I would like, the Super Snake, actually doesn’t make the Top 10.  Crazy, eh?

The ’07 looks great, both as a regular and Super.  Sometimes it takes a nice version of a model for someone to appreciate it, and now I find myself looking for previous versions of the casting, namely the Modern Classics, where it debuted.  And surprise, it is another Jun Imai casting.  There aren’t many of his creations I don’t like.

And did I find this one?  Yes, surprisingly at the beginning of August while visiting with a friend in Phoenix.  We hit a couple of Walmarts on the outskirts of the area and came across P cases while looking for M.  Why these P case dump bins were there a month early I have no idea, but I was not going to argue.  I brought two of the Supers home..

(Find the ’07 is all its forms on ebay…)

Hot Wheels ’07 Ford Mustang (2013 Super Treasure Hunts):

(coming tomorrow:)

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