15 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts in 15 Days: A Recap…

We are done with 2013.  We have showcased all the Supers from what turned out to be a stellar year.  So let’s take one last look at the 15 by way of the “coming tomorrow” photos we posted at the end of each post during the last three weeks.  


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  1. My favourite treasure hunt models are the corvette ZR1, the super snake, the 2000GT, the tundra and the 07' mustang. I don't like vintages too much but I like newer cars.

  2. I think you forgot something you need to post. You didn't post something like this example, Just Unveiled 2013 hot wheels 12' Acura NSX concept recolor or
    First look on 2013 hot wheels Pagani Huayra recolor or anything else you forgot.

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