15 Super Treasure Hunts in 15 Days: 12 ’67 Camaro…

With the last Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2013 hitting the pegs, it is time look back at them all. Over the next 15 weekdays, the Lamley Group will showcase one Super each day, in order from first released to last…

If you missed it:

01 ’72 Gran Torino Sport
02 Corvette ZR1
03 ’73 Ford Falcon XB

04 ’71 El Camino
05 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

06 ’64 Buick Riviera

07 Bone Shaker

08 ’62 Corvette

09 Toyota 2000GT
10 ’72 Ford Ranchero

11 ’69 Camaro

There are a lot of overrated Hot Wheels models, depending on the perspective you come from.  For me personally, many of the nostalgic models that get longtime collectors giddy do nothing for me.  I could care less about redlines, which in turn makes me care less about RLC models sporting the Neo wheels, which in turn makes me care less about models that hearken back to the old days of Hot Wheels.

That is why I feel that Hot Wheels golden age is now.  Real-looking models, excellent choices, and fantastic decos.  And yes, I might be slightly swayed by the heavy prevalence of JDM models in the lineup, but we are all biased, aren’t we?

So I hold nothing against redline and nostalgic collectors.  One of my favorite collectors out there, famously known as “doomus” on HWC, is one of those nostalgic collectors who totally prefers Neos to any other Hot Wheels wheel, and he knows that I am exactly the opposite.  

So what does this have to do with the ’67 Camaro?  Well, the ’67 is one of those nostalgic castings.  Yes, there are a lot of Camaro fans out there, but strictly a Camaro standpoint there are far better classic Camaro castings that Hot Wheels has done.  So it has to be something else, and that something else is that it is a classic Hot Wheels casting.  It warms the hearts of many a classic collector, and that excitement makes it an immensely popular casting.  If Hot Wheels has any rules, it is that the ’67 Camaro will show up every year in some line, just as the Drag Bus and, more recently, the Blown Delivery will appear in the RLC lines.  If those models get skipped, riots full of angry old white men in ill-fitting Hot Wheels t-shirts would most certainly erupt.

Being a “non-nostalgic” collector, I don’t share that excitement that others exude.  I own one Drag Bus (the FE), and hope to own the RLC Gulf model (more for Gulf livery than for the model), and more for the sake of this post, I have exactly ONE ’67 Camaro in the collection.

And that one ’67 Camaro?  The one pictured here.

Forget that it is a Super Treasure Hunt, forget that it is the iconic ’67 Camaro.  It is a great-looking model.  The simplicity of the deco, the real riders, and the grey/black color make this one a fun model to photograph, as well as a must-have for the collection.

There is no doubt that this will be at the top of many “Best Super” lists at the end of the year, and by golly it may be based more on looks than on what casting it is.  We can’t ignore how cool it is, and if it wasn’t for the uniqueness of the Toyota 2000GT, the drop-dead good looks of the ’62 Corvette, and menacing stance of the ’07 Mustang, this would be a Top 3 model on the Lamley list.  That is saying a lot coming from someone who really doesn’t hold the ’67 in the high regard that others do…

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Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro (2013 Super Treasure Hunt):

(coming tomorrow:)

4 Replies to “15 Super Treasure Hunts in 15 Days: 12 ’67 Camaro…”

  1. I think that Hot Wheels has put out much better versions of the '67 Camaro than this. I find the large Summit logos to be garish and spoil an otherwise nice paint job. If I had to keep just one version of this casting, it would be either the blue Sunoco or black/gold Edelbrock racer. For mainlines, I would prefer the 2010 Muscle Mania Camaro; I found its decorations to accent the Camaro's body lines, and even the flames are nicely understated.

  2. Keep in mind, the $THs of the models will have more deco than their “normal” counterpart. So that's why this one got the stripes on the hood and “S” logo on the roof.

    The simplicity of this casting makes this one a huge hit with collectors. And it is a throw-back to the original Custom Camaro casting of the “Sweet 16” cars.

    Is this Summit release one of my favorites of the casting? No. I prefer the black 2010 Muscle Mania release, as well as the three 2009 Dream Garage releases (especially the silver Kmart exclusive) for mainline releases. But do I still love this $TH? Damn right I do! Summit is really the perfect company to have featured on this casting. The side pipes, raked stance, shaved doorlines like a racer (OK, so the casting was never cast WITH doorlines, some of the 2013 reg releases not withstanding), it's just perfect.

    -doomus 😀

  3. John,

    I am 100% with you when you state that the Hot Wheels Golden Age is now. I very much expect we will be the ones looking back to 2012/13 with all this nostalgia in years to come. What a variety of castings, decos, variations, international cars…a real joy. The reason why I focus on collecting contemporary models is all about what Hot Wheels means to me. To me the cars are not scale models in the Kyosho sense – they are interpretations of real cars. Talented designers create their “view” of what automotive design represents as a boys' dream. And that, in my mind, can only be done today for the cars of now – not for the cars of 1968. There are some retro-castings that got my attention like the just beautiful Chevelle SS but by and large it's 2007 or so onwards for me…

    May I also say how much I enjoy reading your blog every day – it's such a difference reading a well written edited view compared to forums etc and what you do works very well as a buyer's guide – Matt at Wheel Collectors owes you big style 🙂 I constantly catch myself ordering models you have just reviewed – even the bone shaker with FTEs you mentioned (and I really wasn't interested in that one at all!) So, your Lamley Deal of the week is the way to go and a brilliant idea. By the way, Matt ships to the UK in about 4 days – excellent service.

    All the best and keep up the brilliant work!


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