First Look: Matchbox 2014 Toy Fair Dump Dozer…

Alright, where to start on this one?

A bit ago I mentioned that my approach to Matchbox would be simple.  With the brand going in a different direction than what I normally collect, I would mainly feature those models that interest me or that I know would interest the Lamley audience.  I reserved the right to say what I want, but I am frankly tired of the “Matchbox is doomed and hates collectors” diatribes.

Now my mentioning that I am tired of the diatribes does not mean I am a blind collector who will like anything Matchbox puts in a blister, it only means I am tired of them the same way I would tire of my favorite food if I ate it every day.  We know Matchbox has moved away from collectors for the most part, and I am frankly fine with it, whether I collect more Matchbox or not.  Let them do what they want.  If they feel the need to separate the two Mattel diecast brands more now than they have in the past, that is their right.  I will just continue to collect what I want.

But I know others feel betrayed by the brand and its current direction.  I get that too.  But I feel all that has been said, and I am fine moving on.  I will enjoy the Matchbox models I like, even if they come out few and far between.  There is plenty to keep me busy from Hot Wheels, Kyosho, TLV, and others.

So that leads to the Dump Dozer.  We didn’t feature the yellow Dozer when it hit the pegs a couple of months ago, frankly because it isn’t a model we wanted to feature, and we know the kind of response it would get.  But since Mattel decided to make it a Toy Fair model, it seems like we should at least give it some attention.  Plus, it was made easy to feature it because our Lamley cohort, David Tilley, is a Matchbox completist.  Hence, he bought one and had it shipped to me so I could ship it to him.

So here it is?  Do I like it?  Nope.  Why would I?  Looking at it strictly within the context of its deco, they did a very nice job with it.  The metal-like paint they gave the model looks good, as does the overall deco.  It is a good promotion piece for what Mattel wants to convey to retailers brand-wise, which is the purpose of this model anyway.  It is not aimed at collectors, but as a giveaway to retailers.  Obviously many find their way to collectors, as this one has, but it is meant to convey where the brands is headed.

And the brand is headed towards…wait, what was it…oh yeah…Unstoppable Vehicles for Heroic Adventures.   Seems like a mouthful, but take it for what it is.  I will happily select the BMW 1M and Alfa 4C as my UVfHA, but kids these days probably have different views on that.  Hence, construction.

So there it is.  Now let’s wait to see what Hot Wheels’ Toy Fair model will be…

(And the best way is to follow the Rusnak2000 on Toy Peddler.  He got this one for us, and will be one of the first to get the Hot Wheels model, in case you are interested.)

Matchbox Dump Dozer (2014 Toy Fair):

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  1. I will have one in my collection
    I like the brand and as long as they are around I will collect

    Thanks for posting John

    Rob Z

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