Just Released: A better look at the 2014 Toyota 2000GT and Subaru WRX STI Treasure Hunt…

Two of our good friends in Malaysia, Sani Bagus and Aidil Bazli Abu Bakar, were nice enough to share more pics of their 2014 Hot Wheels Batch A finds.  It was Sani’s photo we posted yesterday, and now here are some new closeups of a couple of models that interested us the most.

Now I am sure you are asking, why not the Datsun 620?  Well, because an official Lamley First Look at that one is coming shortly, so stay tuned.  But here is one:

In the meantime, a look at the Subaru TH and the 2000GT in its formal black:

10 Replies to “Just Released: A better look at the 2014 Toyota 2000GT and Subaru WRX STI Treasure Hunt…”

  1. I was excited to hear that there was going to be a Subie TH, especially after the very nice RX-7, which I am STILL looking for! But… Ugh!!! Mattel, please retire those wheels. They NEVER look good on ANYTHING.

  2. As far as the wheels on the Subaru, in order for those wheels to look better, they should at least make the look like the wheels in the picture on the card. The design incorporate a connecting inner and outer lip. I was never really a fan because I really liked the FTE1 5 spoke rims. HW's should either re-use the previous FTE design and/or create a new design; call it FTE3. I believe HW's should design a few examples and have a poll for kid's/collectors/fans to decide based on majority rule. Something along those lines. I wonder if they had collectors in mind when they created the FTE2 wheel? It appeals to kids if you ask me. They remind me of the design used for the 1st gen. Corvette ZO6.

  3. My wingman really wants the 2000 GT for his brothers B-day but it is super hard for me to find but in flea markets the price is way to high!

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