Just Unveiled: Matchbox 2014 Toy Fair Dump Dozer…

Late last night we got a message on the Lamley Facebook page letting us know that the Matchbox Toy Fair Model for 2014 had just been unveiled.  A Toy Peddler seller we have dealt with many times in the past now has a few in hand, and wanted to share.

And the model chosen by Mattel to represent Matchbox to retailers?  The infamous Dump Dozer:

Well isn’t this a development?  The Toy Fair models are supposed to signify the direction of Matchbox, and based on the amount of new construction models in the 2014 lineup, I get why they chose the Dump Dozer.

Collectors will obviously not be happy, and we can get into that when we do a First Look (one is on its way to Lamley co-founder David Tilley).  As much as some might not like it, I think we can at least agree that the model won’t look better than this.  How is that for silver lining?

We are still trying to get word on the Hot Wheels Toy Fair Model.  I could be a 2013, but historically it is a new model for the upcoming year.  So your guess is as good as ours.  C7 Corvette?  I can always dream of the Datsun 620 being the model, but I highly doubt it.  As soon as we know, we will pass it on.

In the meantime, visit rusnak2000’s Toy Peddler listings to grab the Dump Dozer and other Toy Fair models if you feel so inclined:

2014 Toy Fair Dump Dozer

9 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Matchbox 2014 Toy Fair Dump Dozer…”

  1. Everytime I see the Dump Dozer, I scour the model for a single redeeming quality. Everytime I fail. Awful model, awful choice to represent the brand's moving forward. 0/10, wouldn't own.

  2. really (above)? 3 more for me. send them to me, thanks. it's fun, brings out the imagination of the kids. is it realistic? what if caterpillar actually developed one? please send what you don't want to me, I'll pay postage, thanks!
    -Terry O.

  3. It's a bad choice for a model. When it came out, it caught a lot of flak from collectors. Volvo did make some futuristic concepts a few years ago (all of them were made in diecast I believe), but nothing like this. Since no one will want this, it should be able to scoop this one up cheaply. I do however, like the color and added details.

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