First Look: Hot Wheels Flying Customs Texas Drive ‘Em…

This model represents two things:

  1. The final batch of Hot Wheels Flying Customs is finally out.  While we haven’t seen the numbers, this line clearly has not performed well.  Every Walmart I visit is littered with Flying Customs, jamming the pegs or on clearance.  While the designs have a nostalgic feel, clearly consumers didn’t care.  (I am worried Cool Classics might suffer the same fate, no matter how much collectors like the line, but that is a discussion for another time.)  Nonetheless, the last batch is out, and most likely will be a hobby dealer and small store exclusive.  I think the big box stores have moved on.  At least its out, because the model we were most excited about, the Kenmeri Skyline, has made it to us.  Alas…
  2. This is the first Texas Drive ‘Em in the Lamley collection.  I may have come across one when the Classics were on the pegs a few years ago, but I didn’t buy it.  Since then I have never seen a Texas Drive ‘Em in the stores.  I finally have one.
So let’s all celebrate the fact that those that wanted the Texas Drive ‘Em, or Skyline, or Jeep, or Chevette, or Camaro, or any of the models from final case can have them, and move on to the Texas Drive ‘Em.
Right?   An old Ford Truck with stars and stripes deco.  Catering to the blind patriotism we can all suffer from occasionally, right?  I guess.  Kind of reminds me of when Atlanta rolled out the chrome pickup trucks with the “Hi Y’all” theme at the 1996 Olympics while the rest of us cringed.  Alright, I will move on.  I don’t need to bring up old scars.
I can do without the motorcycles in the back, but the “TDE”, as some like to call it, is a nice model.  I do like old pickups, and this one is done nicely.  But you all knew that.  Someone I am sure can inform me why this is called the Texas Drive ‘Em and not a Ford Pickup, when Ford’s name is on the tailgate.  I have no idea.  So why I just show the pics and move on.
(The TDE is now on ebay, and it may be one of the only ways to get it…)
Hot Wheels Texas Drive ‘Em (2013 Flying Customs):

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Flying Customs Texas Drive ‘Em…”

  1. I guess that's because the motorcycles are molded with the interior. They probably did that to make it easier to mold and then easier to slide it in the casting. But hey, you get a metal base, so that's good enough for me.

    That being said, this is a cool truck. I would like to grab at least one for customs material. New fits (paint), new kicks (shoes). Then adding some flava to them boring bikes.

  2. Hot Wheels nailed the Highboy look with this truck. Just a perfect casting in every way. One of my favorite castings–except I don't have one in my collection! Way too popular, HTF, and expensive. I was hoping I could find this one, but of course Hot Wheels had to save the best cars for the last mix, so no hope of finding it.

  3. Finally these will be HTF if flying customs did not go off too a bad start we all would be seeing it in the big box stores. RIP flying customs!

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