First Look: 2013 Hot Wheels Blvd. Bruiser in Racing deco…

As we have been plowing through First Looks of the latest Hot Wheels models, this one was left out of the loop.  Normally a generic like the Blvd. (don’t call it Boulevard) Bruiser won’t get featured here on Lamley.  Just not our cup of tea.

But there is no denying this is a fantastic model, a tasty stew made of a dash of Mustang, a pinch of Mopar, and sprinkle of Camaro.  Throw in the Hot Wheels Racing deco and you have the equivalent of the mouth-watering pork stew at the Roaring Fork in Scottsdale, Arizona.

So we want to make sure this tasty treat is not ignored, and give you a gander before Batch P arrives in stores.  We think a few of you will like this one…

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Hot Wheels Blvd. Bruiser (2013 Hot Wheels Racing):

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