First Look: Hot Wheels AMC Rebel Machine, ’67 Mustang, and the rest of Cool Classics Batch B…

As promised, Batch B of Hot Wheels’ brand new line, the Cool Classics.

Yesterday we got into our thoughts on the new line, so no need to run through that again.  From reading comments on HWC, it is clear that the spectrafrost paint is a hit.  Some are hoping to find them on the pegs eventually, but the ultimate judge on the line’s success will be whether it sells or not.  Time will tell.

I like this batch a bit better than Batch A.  The AMC Rebel Machine is the best release so far, in my opinion of course, and I really like the color and design of the ’67 Mustang and Firebird.  But, I will say these models look better and better once you have them in hand, and I will continue to say that these are better out of the package.

I will still maintain that casting selection is not a Cool Classics strongpoint yet, but that can obviously change as the line continues.

What do you think of Batch B (minus the Vega, which I still need to get)?

(Find Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch A & B at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch B:

AMC Rebel Machine

’67 Mustang

’67 Pontiac Firebird

’65 Mustang


7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels AMC Rebel Machine, ’67 Mustang, and the rest of Cool Classics Batch B…”

  1. they look good but, exactly, why are we paying more? to have a metal base? many mainline cars have a metal base…and i thought the wheels would be something between the basic plastic wheels and the real riders, but no…

  2. The Mustangs and T-Bucket are eh, but the Rebel Machine and Firebird are the best. Especially the Firebird.
    AMC Rebel Machines are rare cars, so it's cool to be able to have a little one of my own.

  3. I'll always pay more for a metal base, thats the only way I roll.

    Aren't they doing the Smokey/Bandit firebird? For some reason I recall that I saw that on a google search recently?

  4. The draw is the frosted paint schemes and the new wheels design. I'm glad they are starting a new line but, they are no more than glorified mainline. Don't get me wrong, I'm buying the ones I like but, walmart had them for $3.27 (ouch!)

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