The Customs of Ernest Li: Ferrari, Lamborghini, & Porsche…

Happy Sunday folks.  This Sunday marks the end of summer for me, and that is a good thing.  The kids use this week to prepare for school, and there are no more summer distractions.  No trips, holidays, family visits, or anything else.  As much as I enjoy those things, I may enjoy when they are over even more.

Since the Lamley blog is only 15 months old, I am constantly learning.  One thing?  Never hold a custom contest in the summer.  I keep promising to get the results out, but it is not as easy as it may seem.  So with summer now over, I can use a few of my nights this week getting the police contest all finalized.  And then we will quickly move into the nest Lamley Custom Contest, which we will announce this coming week, and promises to be a doozy…

One other thing I have learned: putting together the “As is the Custom” post every weekend takes time you don’t have in the summer as well.  I was able to get it out most weekends, but this won’t be one of them.  As usual I have some amazing customs to display, and that will come next weekend.

But I am very happy today to show off the latest work of one of our favorites, Ernest Li out of Hong Kong.  We have featured his work a few times here on Lamley, and he was one of our First Place finishers in our BMW E30 custom contest.

Ernest had his way with a few Hot Wheels Ferrari and Lamborghini castings, and the results are fabulous.  One of Ernest’s trademarks?  His custom wheels.  The change the look of these models entirely, to the point that I had to ask Ernest if these were in fact Hot Wheels castings.  Models like these deserve their own post.

So sit back and enjoy…

(Thanks Ernest.)

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