Up-Close with the Matchbox 2013 Everett Marshall Charity Golf Tournament Exclusive Ford F-550 Super Duty Fire Truck, by David Tilley…

Our Lamley partner David Tilley is now back home in the UK, and had a chance to photograph the latest Everett Marshall Golf Tournament Exclusive.  Here is another in his Up-Close series, and be sure to read to the end to find out how you can get one of these beauties and at the same time donate to a very valuable cause.

(Thanks David.)

Up close with the Ford F-500 Super Duty Golf Tournament Promotional, by David Tilley
Today I thought I would show you the latest Matchbox promotion to come direct from the factory in Thailand.  Everett Marshall lives in Newfield, New Jersey, and has a long association with the Matchbox brand.  Anyone who is a seasoned collector will know of the yellow Buick LeSabre from 1989 that adorns his name on the roof.  Well in recent years, he has become associated with “The Burn Foundation” in USA, and each year in August they run a charity golf tournament in New Jersey.  As part of the proceedings, Everett commissions a code 1 Mattel produced vehicle for the event.  This year, the tournament takes place on August 9 at “The White Oaks Country Club” in NJ and to accompany him this time is this beautiful Ford F-550 Super Duty.

This is the 8th Annual Tournament he has overseen, and (apart from the 6th Annual event where the Hazard Squad was produced in a run of 400) this model has been produced in a limited run of 300 examples.  Each one is screwed into a plexi-glass case.

But this is me we are talking about, and so this model has to come out. 

So let us start with the classic 3/4 views.  I always start like that.

The model is red with a chrome rear section.  This is the first time the rear has ben chromed, and it really makes a difference to the model.

The sides sport red and white striping and the usual FD crest, alongside the E.M. Charities 2013 insignia, and No. 8 at the end (signifying the 8th tournament).  This is also the first time the rear section has seen tampo printing too.

The hood shows off the 8th Annual Tournament logo on a black and gold background.  Very nice. 

It is difficult to see on the base, but the etched date of production is F28.  This means they were produced in mid-July 2013 at the factory.  Talk about last minute production as they were cutting it really close to getting them over to Everett before the tournament began.

So we are treated to a lovely promotion, which helps a very good charity too.  It is worthwhile getting an example, and donating to help people who have been affected by burns.

For anyone who wants to obtain an example of the Ford Mimi Pumper, there are really only 2 ways to properly do it.  The easiest way is to send an email to Everett at mbroad@aol.com and ask if he still has any available.  Of course these are charity models, and as such there is a minimum donation of $50 to get the model.  Feel free to donate as much as you can.  The work the Burns Foundation does is truly worthwhile.  He still has odd examples of some of the previous ones, with the 6th Annual Hazard Squad and 7th Annual Seagrave still having a couple of examples left too.  The other; well it is simple.  Be there, The White Oaks Country Club, 2951 Dutch Mill Road, Newfield, New Jersey, on August 9th with your golf clubs and join in the tournament. 

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  1. FORE!
    A very worthy cause! Everett is synomous with Matchbox- he had many friends at Matchbox-Mt. Laurel,established one of the first Matchbox Collectors Club, he is the curator of the Matchbox Road Museum, and just an all around swell guy.
    Thanks for your friendship, Everett!
    -Terry O.
    Ambassador #4

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