As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending July 27, 2013…

Thanks everyone for your patience.  July tends to be all about Matchbox with the Gathering happening, and this year especially was a busy one as I wound down my time as Ambassador.

But I finally have some time to get my brain wrapped around customs again.  Lamley will go custom full-force as we move from summer into fall.  As is the Custom is back, and I can finally say that the judging of the police custom contest is finally happening and I hope to have some announcements next weekend.  We also be moving ahead with another custom contest as we move into fall, and it will be our biggest and best yet.

So let’s just back into the custom submissions we have gotten over the last three weeks.  If you don’t see yours here, just remember that we are in catch-up mode, and you could see it in later features.  As always, we reserve the right to show only those we choose to be in the feature.  Don’t be discouraged, keep sending in your work via and something is bound to appear eventually…

Now on with it…


taga shi

blister cards

Shawn Sawyer – “RX-Heaven”

Dominik Wierski

AnhMinh To

Daniel Hew aka danielmodelmeister

Dom Skooch

Edgar Torres Farias

gooberspad – instagram


bobbysanders22 – instagram

Dias Customs

ryosuke7 – HWC

13stan13 – instagram

Jose Angelo De Vera

Christophe François

Joey’s Custom Cars

Wayne Sanchez

justindgoodson – instagram

Bobby Ullmann

Benjamin P

xsmetaldesigns – instagram

Alex Boock


eastmoe – instagram


Kiel Weber


danixp – instagram

Eduardo Padilla

Huy Nguyen

Lovell Monster Garage

Putera Terbuang

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  1. Many of these are excellent. I wanted to call out Edouard Padilla's MB Mercedes in particular … that car never looked right out of the box. With some work and some new glass, it looks as good as a real 1:1 scale version. Bravo, sir.

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