An update from the Matchbox Gathering…

Friends, the Internet here at the hotel is having a terrible time working, so uploading all the Lamley photos has been impossible.  I am typing this on my phone.  But I promised Matchbox images so here is what I have taken home today:

– Routemaster Dinner Model in green
– Routemaster early registrant model in zamac
– Buick Century dealer model
– My gold Ambassador Routemaster
– BMW 1M prepro, which I won in auction after outbidding my Lamley counterpart David Tilley.  We are thankfully still friends…
Off to bed, then up early to have breakfast with our new Matchbox Ambassador, Nigel Cooper.
I have close up Lamley photos of everything (The Gathering Exclusives, the Mattel-donated prepros, and the upcoming 2013/2014 models brought for the Mattel presentation) and will be sharing all of them in my final Ambassador report coming Monday…
More to come…

6 Replies to “An update from the Matchbox Gathering…”

  1. '14 Chevrolet Silverado
    Mack B Pumper
    '13/'14 Toyota Tacoma – Dave assumed it's a new model.
    '14 VW Bulli
    Alfa Romeo 4C
    Land Rover LR4

    If these are the only 6 new licensed products for next year, it is a very sad day indeed, the Mack B, well why another old fire truck, will they not be confused with each other in small scale, YAWN, another 2 trucks, has no one at Mattel/Matchbox got any imagination.

    Now the Alfa, VW and LR4, YAY YAY YAY, way to go, looking great these models, the LR4 will go great with the Evoque, Sport, defender 110, and county 90 as well as the Freelander, I feel a largish set coming here.

    The VW will be a great addition, but again have to comment that VW seems to be a brand thats more pushed than any other, are they paying for the privilege ? and lastly the Alfa, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, such a stunning car, you better do it right or there will have to be words.

  2. Woah to all of them; especially the Buick!

    Though I must say, I am suspicious of the Datsun lurking in the shadows… seems oddly placed! 😉

  3. The Silverado I might get, only if it is not jacked up on monster truck wheels

    The Mack B, it will go great with the Seagrave I've already got

    The Tacoma, same as the Silverado

    The Bulli, I just Googled, it is uglier than some generics

    Alfa Romeo 4c, maybe

    Landrover, probably but juske the trucks

  4. Hot damn, that Buick is hella clean! Oh my god! Such a darling!

    Looking forward to that Alfa! Can't wait!

    VW Bulli- looks good, but I'm just not a van fan. I'm sure others will appreciate it though.

    Gotta see that Tacoma and Silverado in person. Sounds promising though.

    LR4, don't sound bad, as long as Matchbox does it justice. Which I am sure they will. They worked wonders with the Range Rover, love that one.

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