A Quick Look at the exclusives, prepros, and other goodies found at the Matchbox Gathering…

Hello from beautiful Moab, Utah.

Actually, when you read this I will be somewhere between Moab, Utah, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The International Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends has finally arrived, and I am on my way.

This is a weekend I look forward to every year for various reasons.  Many might be boring to our readers here, so I will focus one of the main reasons: the models.

And a whole slew of models.  It starts with the exclusives made by Matchbox for the event.  They are always well-chosen, and terrifically designed and detailed.  And in very low numbers.

Then there are the prepros and prototypes.  Those donated by Mattel for the charity auction, and those brought by Mattel to preview what is coming.  I like to come home with at least one auction prepro, so let us see if I luck out this year.

And finally, all the models brought by collectors from all over the world.  Some for sale, some for show, some customized, some restored.  It is an amazing education if anything.

So while I make may way to New Mexico for the 6th time, sit back and enjoy some of the models from the past.  Mattel is giving me access to everything they have brought this year, and I have the Lamley studio, so showing off what is there in 2013 should be fun.

Stay tuned…

The Exclusives:

The Prepros:

The Ambassador Bus:

4 Replies to “A Quick Look at the exclusives, prepros, and other goodies found at the Matchbox Gathering…”

  1. Enough of the nostalgia already! Hurry up and get there and post LOTS of new pictures, please! We all can't wait to see what's going on this year.

  2. Drooooling… The only one of these I own is the 914. I would particularly love to have the Lotus Europa, Alfa GTV, Firebird Formula, & that mean all black Vista Cruiser Pre-Pro. Though essentially every one of the above items would slot right into my collection! Donations accepted! 😀

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