Just Unveiled: Aoshima Grand Champions Series 7 Mazda Cosmo AP Secret Chase Car…

Just wanted to throw a quick post up to let you JDM nuts know that yet another Aoshima Secret Chase car has been found.

Last week we reported that the Nissan Cedric appeared with a chase version, and it was our assumption that it would be the only one in the set.  We were wrong.  Our very good friend Jeff Koch has let us know that he was lucky enough to find a chase version of the Mazda Cosmo AP, which is our favorite model in the set.

So I don’t know if I am supposed to tell you to go out and try to find one, because these sets are hard to come by.  But at least you know there is another out there.  It looks fantastic…

Here is what the Cosmo looks like in most sets:

Here is what one of the Jeff’s looks like:

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