As is the Custom: Our Faves from the week ending June 29, 2013…

Hey, should we be proud that we got this done two weeks in a row?

Lots of great stuff this week, and we would love to show more.  Just email us at or send pics via the Lamley Facebook Page.

On with the show…

Glenn Barker

Ernest Li

mo_dojo – Instagram

ragingduck – Instagram

AnhMinh To

actionfigurecomics – Instagram

Hadi’s Artworks

Mi777ke777 – HWC

Hell’s Dept

Putera Terbuang

Skytops – Instagram

USACC Kustomz

Alfred Lam Hc

Jamie Herzig

Silas Augusto Fabiano

13stan13 – Instagram

Dyt Toys


jacksonninja – Instagram

Joey’s Custom Cars

El Dido Hernandez

Kyle J Doggin

HL Explorer

Stephen Beavers

Gil Siegfried

Andy Truong –

10 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our Faves from the week ending June 29, 2013…”

  1. I like the modified Charger/Supra combo in the Fast and the Furious scene. A lot of awe inspiring work. I wish I had that kind of time!
    The Pagani was interesting.
    Just curious, but I just picked up two Pagani Huayra Hot Wheels models at two different Walmarts. One had 10SP's all around and the other was an error with the 5Y's and 10SP's. My question is .. how rare is the casting with the 10SP's?

  2. Oops, my bad. But as I was saying, that Pagani is serious! I would have liked to see a clearer picture, cause it sure got my attention.

    And that sure is a nice Auburn 852! Let's give that guy some props!

  3. Great question. I don't do customs mainly because the blog takes up most of the time I have reserved for the hobby. I am very happy showcasing the amazing work of others…

  4. That's usually the case. You either invest the time into participating in the activity, or you spend your time hosting an event. John's covering the latter, a task that's usually under-thanked.

    That said, thanks for continuously posting up works by people. I was informed that mine got featured and I can't say I'm unhappy about that. Thanks for the feat., John!

  5. I see my friend (Dido) sent in his Toyota. Nice.

    Also, that Auburn!!!! :0 Amazing!!!

    And another one, is that Greenwood Vette entirely custom-made?

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