Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911/912…

Yes, we changed the look of the blog just a bit.  Just trying to give it a little more whitespace, and while we made the changes, we decided to change the photo on our title page.  Gone is the Aoshima Nissan Laurel, and in comes a Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 912.

It is hard to ignore the silhouette of the Porsche, so that is what we featured.  We went with red, but we had several to choose from.  We thought you might want to see them.  If anything to see just how bloody great they are.

We have already featured a couple here at Lamley, and we plan to give the others a full showcase, but here are all the TLV Porsches in the collection.  There are still more we don’t have.  If you want to grab one or two, follow the link

Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911/912:

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911/912…”

  1. Great photographs of a great iconic car. The body lines of the 911 are so pure! Very glad I picked up the 912 Police Car while in Tokyo… even if I had to carefully open 20 of them to get one with 100% razor sharp Japanese characters & paint job… things that happen when you're killing time in Japan after dark. Should've nabbed that very Steve McQueen like Slate Grey 912 with red interior while I was there but was low on Yen!

    …If would have had been wearing Fuchs like the 911s I'd have made an exception! Heh.

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