First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’85 Ford Bronco…

Yes, it is OJ’s Bronco.  Well, at least it looks like it.  I have no idea what year the Bronco was that transported OJ on his NBA Finals-preempting adventure, but close enough.  Plus, I missed all that.  I was in Brazil from the time the murders happened until soon after the verdict was read.  Everyone who I mention that to says I was very lucky to miss that whole chapter.  I will take their word for it.

So with that aside, how about the real significance of this post.  This is sadly (very sadly) that last Lamley First Look that will be dedicated to a Hot Wheels Boulevard model.  That is a real bummer, as the line takes a bow and heads off stage.  But at least it can be proud of what turned out to be a stellar run.

For me personally it got out of the gate a little slow.  To many American classics and fantasy cars.  I did not care for the fantasy cars at all, and I liked the American classic, but was hoping for a little more variety.  And boy did it come.  Boulevard hit its peak in 2013, and here we are finishing it off with a look at this brand new Bronco.

So here is what we will do.  Let’s take a look at a few pics of the Bronco.  Enjoy them (or don’t), and here in a few days we will all celebrate what an awesome line Boulevard was.

The Bronco never garnered any attention from me as a kid, but that is actually what makes this model a little more appealing.  Just a bland middle-the-road car from the 80’s, done up nearly perfectly by the Hot Wheels team.  I remember it from passing nonchalantly through many experiences, and here it is jogging up more than a few memories.  What do you know….

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Hot Wheels ’85 Ford Bronco (2013 Boulevard):

The two fantastic 4×4’s from the final batch of Boulevard:

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’85 Ford Bronco…”

  1. OJ's Bronco was a 1992 or 1993, which had a different front end than this one.

    Anyway, along with the Wagoneer, I absolutely love this casting. Not too excited over the color combination (I don't care for tan for any vehicle), but the casting itself is a very nice execution.

    A lot of people see this as a retool of the original Bronco 4-Wheeler casting from the '80's. It's definitely not, this is a completely new design, the main similarity being that they are based on the same era Bronco.

    Can't wait for the whole series rundown!


  2. Why did it come back if the slightly different one with the motorcycle on the back tailgate was placed on Final Run a few years ago? I have enough of those so if it doesn't make it to the physical stores oh well.

  3. I much prefer the old casting. The whole thing just looked better, especially the front end. Still, I do like that it has the spare tire instead of the motorcycle.

  4. The Wagoneer is cool, but as far as the SUV's go, I like the Bronco much better. Not too high, just right. I don't have too many SUV's in my collection (except for a couple Range Rovers and Lincoln Navigators), but I would add this because it is a well-made casting, in addition to being a very handsome 4×4. I do miss the old Bronco casting though, just because of the removable top. But this new one is too good, it's worth considering spending money for.

    And that's coming from a dude that doesn't have a whole lot of trucks!

  5. well it's sad that the boulevard have to end. they really made nice colors to the vehicles. to be honest, the boulevard is pretty expensive in my country (Indonesia)

  6. This Bronco is much better proportioned and has better detailing than the early one. I like it.


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