First Look: Hot Wheels RLC HWC Original 16 Custom Mustang, by John Rino…

New Lamley contributor John Rino is at it again, this time shooting the just-released HWC Custom Mustang.  John has agreed to be our RLC model expert, but looking at his photos, you know what expertise we envy.

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(Thanks John.)

My take on it:

Gotta’ say, the opening in the hood scoop is fantastic! This exclusive club car screams old school muscle, and many of us wish we could own something like it, least I do.
Mattel’s designers really made this gem a must have for any collection.  Wasn’t sure about the Spectraflame Gold at first, but it really shines well with this car. Yes, I had to tear in to a collectible black box and a replica 1968 blister…was it worth it? Yes!  You really can’t appreciate these beauties until they are loose. Great job to all involved in this exclusive.

Everytime I see an older mustang fastback always reminds me of my youth.  My father took my sister and I for a vacation in Arizona. My father rented a White Mustang Fastback, and headed out to some ranch to do some horse back riding with us.  I believe I was 13 years old at the time.  Never forget, as we started to come back from our trail ride, my sister’s horse saw the ranch.  Because of that, her horse decides to go in to a full gallop and head back home.  She got thrown and broke her arm needless to say, we city slickers are only good at riding a city bus.

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Hot Wheels RLC HWC Original 16 Custom Mustang (photos by John Rino):

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