First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Magnum PI Ferrari 308 (with some comparison pics) and Miami Vice Ferrari F512 M…

I am continuing my week in Dallas.  It is hot.  It is humid.  And not that I know because I have been trapped in a hotel all day every day in meetings.  Tuesday was a 12-hour marathon.

So under the circumstances, a little escape by daydreaming about a drive in a fast car along a beautiful beach is a good idea.  Not to mention, doing so with a Selleck mustache or Don Johnson linen suit makes it even better.  So no better time to show Hot Wheels’ latest Retro Entertainment Ferraris.

I am too tired to write too much, but there are two interesting points on both of these models.

First, a few have asked if there is anything different between the Magnum 308 and the HW Garage model issued a couple of years ago.  Well, yes there is.  The wheels might be the same.  The color too.  But other than that they could not be more different.  (Sense the sarcasm?)  A little bit more trim on the Magnum Ferrari, plus a different interior.  Check out the pics and I will leave it up to you as to whether you will buy it or not.

Second, there have been a few comments on the Lamley Facebook Page about the fact that Hot Wheels used the F512 M instead of the Testarossa for Crockett and Tubbs cop car.  My guess is because they have no Testarossa tool to use.  The F512 M has never been a casting I have liked.  It seems a little clunky, but then again so does the real car.  And I would not complain at all if Hot Wheels decided to do a refreshed Testarossa.  It is after all an iconic car for us Gen Xer’s, even if it is ugly.

Want both?  Find them at Wheel Collectors

Hot Wheels Ferrari 308 & Ferrari F512 M (2013 Retro Entertainment):

Together with the Garage 308.

And the other red 308’s:

Ferrari Racers:


And with the elusive OH5 basic:

8 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Magnum PI Ferrari 308 (with some comparison pics) and Miami Vice Ferrari F512 M…”

  1. Edgar, the last time they used that tool was in 1998, and the actual tooling has likely been destroyed in the time since.

    Just because a casting wasn't “final ran” doesn't mean the tooling still exists. It means they can bring back that design if they so choose.


  2. OH5 308 GTS?! I NEED that. NEED it.
    The Retro Entertainment is nice, but is NOT the right generation Testarossa. Oh well. It'd be too much to expect they resurrect the original tool to fulfill the authentic look.


  3. Gotta cop these, even if these are the only cars from this series that I get. The 308 is stunning, as always. And even though I too would prefer the original Testarossa casting, I will make do with the F512M. Always hated the headlights on the real F512M, but still pretty dope, any way you slice it. On a side note, The Testarossa was the car that turned a young kid like me back then into the Ferrari nut that I am today. I think it is a masterpiece, like classic Italian sculpture.

    Can't wait to find these babies on the shelf.

  4. Same here about the Testarossa, dude. I still have an old poster i got from my mom back in 1980-something.

    Plus, the first Hot Wheels i got to play with was a Testarossa from a set that a cousin of mine got when we were kids.

    Lots of love for this car.

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