First Look: Daboxtoys exclusive OEM Toyota 86 Panda in white and red…

We have talked about these two models for awhile.

When Felix at Daboxtoys let us know that the OEM Factory was doing a set of Toyota 86’s, that was good news.  It seems that, outside of spelling, the OEM Factory can do no wrong.  Models like the Pagani Huayra, Porsche 911, and one we just showcased, the Ferrari 458 GT2, are proof of the OEM Factory’s ability to produce fantastic minis.

Better news?  The factory was going to produce not one, but two exclusive models from Daboxtoys to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.

Even better news?  After some discussion with us here at Lamley, and more importantly, the experts over at Japanese Nostalgic Car, Felix decided to pay homage to the original panda car, the Initial D AE86.

And the best news?  Despite only 99 of each color produced, last we checked, there are still some of these beauties available at the Daboxtoys store.

Of all the 1:1 cars released in the last few years, few have equaled the excitement surrounding the 86/FR-S/BRZ.  Car reviewers love it, drivers young and old are buying them, it is a modifiers dream, and it looks fantastic.  Add a little homage to the past with the panda design and you’ve got one seriously cool minicar.

The OEM Factory decided to do one model with the spoiler and one without to correspond with the two sets they just released.  A little variety is a great thing, and that is another reason this set was a must-have for us.

We will be honest and say that this set will rank up there as one of our favorite diecast items of 2013, along with the Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt, the HW Datsun Wagon, and one other gold model Matchbox will be throwing our way in July.

We know a few of you have already picked either one or both of these models.  If you haven’t, now is the time, either at the Daboxtoys store or on ebay.  Good luck…

OEM Factory Toyota 86 Daboxtoys Exclusive (white and red panda):

With its inspiration:

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  1. Beautiful pics, you guys!! I'd never drive a Japanese car in real life, but I'd like to have these!! Keep up the great blogs/pics.


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