May 19th Matchbox Ambassador Update: New Food Truck and other upcoming models…

Greetings fellow collectors…

Hopefully you have had time to digest the 2013 1-120 lineup that was posted last week.  While we have already grabbed or seen a great deal of the models on the list, I think there was a fair share of surprises, when it came to both those models on the list and those omitted.  We can at least safely say that if there is a tool that can be used in the Matchbox arsenal, there is a good chance we will see it at some point.  So if there was a model or two you wish was there (Panamera, CTS Coupe, Toyota 4Runner, and Holden Ute for me personally), don’t fret, as they are bound to appear soon.

Speaking of lists, the most anticipated list of the year is the Matchbox Team’s release of the next year’s NEW MODELS at the International Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We are exactly two months away from the event, and I hope to see many old and new faces there this year.  It is the defining Matchbox event of the year, with full involvement by Mattel.  More information can be found here:

2013 International Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends

So now that we know what models will be in the 2013 lineup, it is just a matter of seeing what they look like.  This week we have one new model and a few new decos for 2013, all shown with permission from Mattel.

We will start with the new model, the MB889 Food Truck:

The truck, which has a plastic body and metal chassis, clearly pays tribute to the explosion of food trucks around the world, with Los Angeles being the capital.  There is no doubt the Matchbox team has had their share of food truck grub, and I am sure this model was high on the to-do list.  The team plans on having quite a bit of fun with different decos for this model.  The first incarnation is as a hot dog truck, but we will soon see our share of cuisines from all over the world.  I vote for a caviar and foie gras truck.

(No I don’t.  Let’s go with the El Taquito Taco Truck at the Nishikawa Auto Shop on Fair Oaks in Pasadena.  Dave, I know you are reading this…)

Next, a few new decos on existing castings:

First, the Armored Response Vehicle and Hummer H2, which will be part of the Military 5-pack:

One of the five models to be recolored in 2013, the Vantom:

A model we haven’t seen for awhile, but happy to have back in the mainline, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, sporting the 5-spokes for the first time:

And lastly for the basic line, the Dodge Challenger, looking very sharp in purple with chrome-rimmed 5-spokes:

Speaking of the Challenger, I have submitted a question to Mattel in regards to the whereabouts of the 2012 issue in green.  We have seen it in gift packs, but not on the card.  I asked if we will ever see it on the card, but at this point I have my doubts.  As soon as I get an answer I will pass it along.

Our final model is the Real Working Rig Freightliner Business Class M2 106 Satellite Truck from the Mission Force UFO set.  We have already seen the UFO and VW T2 Bus from this set.

That is it for today.  But we have many more for next week.  In fact, I am very excited for next week, as I have the first images of a model that is bound to be a major collector hit.  The choice is great, the execution spot-on.  How is that for hype?

Until then…

23 Replies to “May 19th Matchbox Ambassador Update: New Food Truck and other upcoming models…”

  1. I'm looking for Matchbox Challenger for 2 or 3 years. And this one is really brilliant. I must find it and buy it.

  2. Unfortunately, Mattel and Mercedes still aren't getting along because Daimler wants Mattel to put holographic “licensed by Daimler” stickers on their packaging and Mattel isn't willing to do so. Don't expect any Mercedes releases from MB or Hot Wheels until Mattel and Daimler come to a compromise of some sort.


  3. The Food Truck is stellar. I'll be looking forward to it (and future recolors)!

    And I agree that MB needs to bring the Toyota 4Runner and Holden Ute back for 2014 (along with the Infiniti G37, Lexus GS 430, '70 El Camino, and '71 Camaro). I'd also like to see the '71 Firebird Formula back in the singles, but at least the casting is still getting a 2013 release as a gift pack exclusive.

  4. Thanks for the report! I like the Cayenne and the Challenger. Everything else, I don't care about. I'd love to have seen the Taco Truck based on something real. It would have reflected a trend.

    And by the way, I think you mean “capital” and not “capitol” 😉

  5. Another plastic-bodied disaster in the approximate shape of a food truck. Where have the standards gone? The proportions are wonky, the graphics are tacky and the plastic body is inexcusable.
    Honestly, collectors – is this something you are excited about? Am I mistaken to believe we collectors like cars and trucks? I just returned from Munich, where I spent part of my time shopping at Obletter. I picked up a good pile of Siku models. They are more expensive, but quality always trumps quantity.

    Right now, I am looking at my Siku crane transporter with support emergency vehicle. It's not a generic, the paint job is realistic and properly applied, and it's mostly metal. In fact, the support truck has a metal base and body. It's a hefty little truck.
    It's the kind of stuff Matchbox would still be making had they not lost their way.

  6. stellar? In what way is this plastic chunk of garbage stellar? The Kyosho line of 1/64 models are stellar. The M2 line of '50s Chryslers are stellar.
    This thing is the opposite of stellar.

  7. The Cayenne and Challenger for me please! They are simply amazing. Both are done brilliantly, in great colours and nice wheel choices. Matchbox has pulled it off with these two. Definitely gonna buy them. But the rest of the ones, nahh, they can just go inside the bin. Don't care about any of them. Never really cared for the generics of the last couple years.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  8. The Challenger is a good casting let down by a lack of realistic graphics, poorly applied paint, and really strange knobby tires. The Challengers I see on the roads have the black hood treatment, or some kind of side stripe. That's what this model needs.
    Too bad – we deserve better.

  9. “Food Truck”, another great reason to save your money and buy something with more longterm value, like a lollipop.

    – Full Flaps!

  10. I don't usually buy utility trucks, but that food truck is pretty cool. I like how they have all the food there where you can see it. Honestly, I would like to get that one as a custom project.

    Having said all that, the Challenger is my favorite. Clearly, the best looking vehicle in the group. The cayenne is not too bad, even though the real car is not necessarily my cup of tea. Not a fan at all of everything else, quite frankly.

    Personally, I would rather see Matchbox get back to making more street cars. I'm sure they would still have enough room for the utility vehicles. The street cars will dig Matchbox out of the hole they have dug themselves into. Or, at least make it less deep.

  11. Hot Wheels themselves have their own food truck which looks very much like this one, only better, and it's all diecast. Introduced as a collectors edition I believe, with an Almond Joy livery.

    – Full Flaps!

  12. The food truck is based off the Hot Wheels Almond Joy food truck release from last year. The fold back panel looking roof and the complete side shelf of food are the clues brought over from the Hot Wheels design.

    I like the H2 deco. It's a reminder of the US army uniforms. I don't like Vantom with the diamond plate deco.

  13. The Chllenger and Cayenne will definitely be additions to my collection when they hit my area. The UFO Satellite Truck… well, if I can manage to get the goofy tampos off of it, I might want one of those as well. The Hummer might work out OK with tampo removal and some detailing. As for the “Roach Coach”, I just don't get the glass roof effect, and the cartoon on the side looks to me like Spongebob just drank a bottle of hot sauce! Pass. The “Armored Response Vehicle” and “Vantom” will both be passes again as well, as they have been for me all along.

  14. When will somebody come out with a realistic line of emergency vehicles for the collector. I have been collecting diecast vehicles for over 50 years and am willing to pay good money for a model that looks real. The Seagrave Meanstick ladder trucks put out by Matchbox were great. There needs to be more like them released for the REAL collectors. I know that Mattel is looking at kids being their primary customers but models like these would sell. Just my 2 cents. Thanks.

  15. I really think MB & Mattel take a step forward just to take two steps back. There were a couple of models that came out that were looking like MB was going to go back to realism. That armored truck needs to disappear. The Porshe and challenger are ok but plain. The food truck could have been so much better. They coulda put something else on the roof for starters and you can't tell me it woulda been to expensive to do a metal body there is not much of one. I know some think it's a waste of a spot on the list but there is a place. MB did a Mr. Softy truck some years back that WAS brilliant. This coulda have been so much better it's sickening! Vantom in black with a detailed roof rack is ok but you have to do it yourself. I two toned it with jet black and a charcoal metalflake on the bulging fenders and I like it better than anything MB has done or will do.
    Last but not least, I have said this before no Benz cause of a hologram????? Well I'm guessing that is why MB no longer dose MLB,NFL or NHL collectables…..

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