Matchbox Monday First Look, Part 2: Fisker Karma EVer in black…

As we stated in Part 1, this is Part 2 mainly because the Fisker Karma doesn’t go at all with the models of Part 1.

(And Matchbox Monday is STILL brought to you by MVE Collectibles…)

Normally we would feature this new color of the Karma with a few other new basic offerings from Matchbox.  After all the model has been around for a few years, and black is not necessarily a stunning color.

But wait, it is stunning!  Clearly Matchbox has limits on what color they drape over the Karma, just as Fisker demands that the solar panel be included on every model (no argument from me).  So Matchbox had to release a Karma in black again (it was done in 2011 I believe), only they changed the wheels.  And poof!  The best looking Fisker Karma yet!

And Fisker needs all the help they can get.  Several rounds of layoffs, cars sitting in the dealerships, the buzz slowly fading…we may not see Fisker around much longer.  Which is a shame, because there was a lot of promise.  Good looking, fast hybrids.  People aren’t buying the Fisker, but I don’t think it is because of looks.  The car is beautiful.

So if Fisker goes under, do we see Matchbox’s version again?  Maybe for nostalgia’s sake, but since we are repeating colors, maybe it is time to give it a break.  I can think of several established cars to put it in its place.

It has been a good run, Fisker Karma.  I have every version Matchbox made of you.  Glad you left in style…

Matchbox Fisker Karma EVer (2013 Basic Range):

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  1. Jumpin jehosaphat! That thing is awesome. They have done a fabulous job with all of the variations, but this one takes the cake and stuffs its mustache with it. The black car is already badass, but the black wheels with the chrome just makes it look even more sinister.

    It sucks about what's happening to Fisker, I was really rooting for them. But I'm glad that Matchbox delivered though, and in a major way!

  2. I just had the chance to actually see a FK close up at a recent town festival.
    It's one of those cars you had to see in person to do it justice; it was a nice shiny black. When you approach it, you can't help to notice that solar panel roof. Unreal!

    I was in a Target a couple days ago and saw this Matchbox casting on the shelf.
    When I picked up the package, I noticed the solar panel pattern tampo on the roof. It was like I remembered from the actual car. They did a nice job simulating the design and it wouldn't be a FK without it!
    Unfortunately, Fisker Automotive failed to pay back part of a loan issued by the Energy Department. The federal gov't recently seized $21 million from the failing auto maker.

    I don't want to start anything, but this is federal spending of taxpayer dollars at it's best!!!

  3. I live near a Fisker dealer and have seen at least a dozen driving around town and even got to sit in one. I think it's second only to the Aston Martin Rapide for best looking 4 door. But with its outrageous proportions, massive size and sinister face it has a road presence even the Aston can't touch. I agree that this is the best version they've done, out with a bang I guess.

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