First Look: OEM 1/64 Lamborghini Aventador…

I mentioned yesterday in our showcase of the OEM Lamborghini Murcielago that we didn’t have much to say about these models.  Mainly because the photos do most of the talking.

So we will say it again – these models are stunning, and the Aventador is plenty proof.

On another note, many of you have asked about these models, and if I collect them all.  I don’t.  I would love to have the entire set, but the OEM factory makes it easy.  They usually produce somewhere between 6 and 12 colors of each casting they do, and there are usually one or two that strike my fancy.  I go to Daboxtoys and order those I want.  And if there is a Daboxtoys exclusive, like the black and white Pagani, pando Toyota 86’s, or Gulf Porsche, I usually pick those up too.

And a little endorsement for Daboxtoys.  Yes, they are a Lamley partner, and have really been great to us, but used them well before forming a partnership.  Felix is genuine, loves cars, and Daboxtoys is truly a passion of his.  He listens, and because of that is now offering Hot Wheels to his Hong Kong customers.  And on the other side, making the OEM, Kyosho, and Tomica models readily available to collectors in the US.  His shipping prices to the US are second-to-none, and they arrive quickly.

Yes, that is a plug, but we at Lamley stand behind Daboxtoys 100%.

So go get a Lamborghini at the DMC store or at their ebay store

OEM Lamborghini Aventador:

Both OEM Lamborghinis:

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