Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Scion FR-S & Lamborghini Aventador J…

Just a quick pop in to let you know that the latest Hot Wheels castings are being released, and we finally have the first views of the Scion FR-S and Lamborghini Aventador J.  The first views are on ebay, and they look fantastic.  There are multiple pics on ebay, so follow the links below to go check them out:

Hot Wheels Scion FR-S

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador J

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13 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Scion FR-S & Lamborghini Aventador J…”

  1. FTE wheels on the Aventador J? mmm they should use the same as the regular Aventador in chrome.
    Love the Scion, hopefully we'll see it next to the Toyota 86 in Kyosho, OEM and Tomica 🙂

  2. Not sure how I feel about that Aventador J, looks like a botched custom job. I like the Aventador coupe so much better.

    That FRS is pretty nice though. I'm a big fan of the real car, so having the HW version will be real nice to have.

  3. Both are awesome! Really awesome! The Scion is a great casting in itself. Just some good colour, design and wheel choices and it will shine more and more. I also like the fact that its RHD. Now thats cool. About the Aventador, it dosen't really look original. In fact the fan-made customs look better than this. First thing wrong is the wheel choice. They should've got the normal LP700's PR5s. They just look better. Then there's the rear spoiler. WTH is that? The real J's spoiler is bigger and a bit higher up. HW should have invested a bit more time and, by using commonsense and logic, made the spoiler a separate metal piece rather than just sticking it on the back-end. It dosen't look good. Nevermind though, they are still nice. Going to pick up both because I'm a fan of them. Thanks for the heads up Johny!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  4. Scion's casting looks OK, wheel is not matching, especially the yellowish frame on it. Just do not understand HW for no taste on matching the colors and wheeels with each other. They ruin almost every car with peacock design. Nice castings, interesting topics, ruined colors. Less is more, follow that.
    No comment on Aventador, even the real one is out of the good taste.

  5. From Wikipedia: Scion is a brand of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corporation for the North American market.

    Isn't it that the FR-S should be LHD? I'd still get this one even though I don't like the wheels and tampo on the side.

    Definitely getting the Aventador J 'cause it's one of my favorites along the Pagani Huayra then paint the wheels and rear wing black.

  6. Is that a wheel variation I noticed on the wheels? I noticed those YELLOW lipped rims there. And it's supposed to be silver.

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