First Look: Hot Wheels Then & Now ’71 Mustang Boss 351 and Custom ’12 Ford Mustang…

A new subseries for Hot Wheels this year, started with a bang.  We all slowly noticed that two Camaros, a ’71 and 2010 SS, had eerily similar decos (“eerily” makes this tale more dramatic.  Alright, we saw they looked the same out of the gate).  We soon saw that Hot Wheels was doing the Then & Now series, and we all grew excited about the possibilities.  There are all kinds of HW models that could be used.

Then it vanished.  We went several batches without any Then & Now models.  But it is back with a vengeance, with a Challenger set in yellow, a Charger set in red, and this fantastic Mustang set.

The models chosen are interesting selections.  The ’71 Boss 351 started as a Mach 1 in the Garage Series, then became a Boss in the basic range.  Because of a lack of time, we will talk about that change when the feature the casting on its own.

The ’12 Custom Mustang also has its roots outside of the basic range, having debuted in the High Speed Wheels line.  Once again, we will feature both in a future article.  But we have featured the earlier version before here on Lamley.

So here they are, in all their basic glory, and looking fantastic.  The ’71 is on par with its previous basic counterpart, but the Custom ’12 really outshines its debut version.  It looks fantastic in blue with a Lamley favorite, the HW 10sp wheels.  And in blue, the low stance and extensive detail on the mold really come out.  It is a fantastic model, and surely one of the many highlights from the 2013 mainline.

So once again, we ogle over the endless possibilities of the Then & Now subseries.  Hopefully we see it in 2014, with even more fantastic pairings.

Any high on your want list?

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Hot Wheels Then & Now ’71 Mustang Boss 351 and Custom ’12 Ford Mustang:

Another nice pairing, the Custom ’12 with the First Edition of the Super Snake:

9 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Then & Now ’71 Mustang Boss 351 and Custom ’12 Ford Mustang…”

  1. This particular shade of blue is called 'Kona Blue Metallic' FYI. The Boss is cool but the star is definitely the '12 Custom because its so well done. HW has really near-perfected this model. I have no other words for it. Not saying the '71 is bad, but this is just a notch or two better. Again, great pics and thank you for the post!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  2. In my opinion '71 Boss is one of the finest Hot Wheels ever made. But the greatest version of this casting is already done – I think it's the green one with black hood.

  3. Sorry, but the wing on the '12 Custom looks like it was cut and pasted right off of the Honda S2000. It's not quite the same, but I just don't think it looks right on a Mustang.

  4. I don't know what you're looking at. I see a hideous wing, lame hood scoop, and super low skirts–but a high front end. The '71, on the other hand, is quite nice…

  5. I will agree with the s2000 idea. I actually like the custom mustang, and I don't collect mustangs. This casting alone got me into the the HSW series. Anyways this series one I hope they keep for a while. I enjoy it for the same reason I enjoy supers. It's super cool to have two similar castings side by side. Another fine job


  6. I really like the Custom '12 – It looks fast sitting still. The Blue Oval is a nice touch; the wing is different in a good way. Of course, if you notice, the Custom has equal size wheels all around as opposed to the Shelby, which has the big rear/little front combo deal. I might have to pick this up!
    The '71 in that blue hue makes it appear like somethings missing. I have to agree with the green/black casting being a nice example that is true to life and possesses realistic qualities. Might have get that one too!

  7. The '12 Mustang is a cool car, don't get me wrong now. But for me, it just has far too much going on. I'm pretty sure kids and/or Mustang fanatics would love that one though. But it looks like it is in the midst of transforming into some robot, as far as I'm concerned.

    The '71 Boss is okay though. Not really a casting I collect, but that one looks somewhat more reasonable.

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