As is the Custom (Part 1): Our Faves for the week(s) ending May 4, 2013…

After skipping a week, we are back with our weekly custom feature.

And wow, the customs pile up when you skip some time.  So we are splitting this week’s feature up into two parts.  Part 1 is our selections from the customs that were emailed to us at  Part 2 will be those that were submitted on our Facebook page, as well as those we have come across in our regular perusal of websites and forums.  Nonetheless, there is a ton to show.

So enjoy Part 1.  Part 2 will come later today.  One other note.  We are getting more and more submissions on our Instagram page.  We have marked those submissions that originated on Instagram, along with the member’s IG account name.  Just search for that name on IG and follow those members.  It is totally worth it.  If you post a custom on Instagram, be sure to hashtag it #lamleycustoms so we will see it.

And remember, submissions for the Lamley Custom Contest #2 are due on May 26.  That gives you 3 weeks.  Good luck and we look forward to seeing what is submitted…

Now on with Part 1:

The great Daniel Hew, who after winning the Lamley Custom Contest, just won the Creepsterz Custom Contest with this entry:

Actionfigurecomics – instagram

primo323 – instagram

towiilopez – instagram

noels_treasure – instagram

diecastxaddict – instagram

Gooberspad – instagram

ressa diecast

Jamie Rusbridge

mrsenctvt – instagram

babythai206 – instagram

5pudly – instagram

Andy Truong –

cmzezzo – instagram

the_urb – instagram

13stan13 – instagram

Lostsol78 – instagram

AnMinh To – (a Lamley regular)

nic_bali – instagram

Christophe Mallard

Shawn Sawyer

Dominik Wierski

Miguel Lopez

justingoodson – instagram


Paul B

mo_dojo – instagram

Vincent Seguin

Mi777ke777 – HWC

Martin Seidel

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  1. Hello!! Thank you for posting the Kadett!
    My friends sent me messages with much excitement yesterday and today saying they saw in my mini Lamley.
    A big hug to you and congratulations for the great work!

    Wanderson Gomes

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