Lamley Custom Contest Showcase: The Customs of Category A Winner Daniel Hew…

One of things we will do after each Lamley Custom Contest is showcase other custom pieces by our Category winners.  For the BMW E30 contest, Ernest Li won Category B and Daniel Hew won Category A.  

We asked both of them to send in photos of some of their favorite customs that they have created.  Today we feature the work of Daniel Hew.  Daniel’s Gran Turismo gullwing E30 was a jaw-dropper, and almost unanimously took the judges #1 spot.  It dominated.

And when you look at some of Daniel’s other pieces, you can see that the BMW was no fluke.  His work is amazing, he is always working to get better, and we are very pleased to showcase some of it today.  Daniel wrote a little about his work, and you will find his words below…

(Thanks Daniel.)

As I am JDM enthusiastic  myself, my choice are Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Honda, Nissan Skyline, Toyota and other JDMs which are interesting I’ve seen on the road. Most of the casting especially in 1/64 scales are standard factory mold.  And I would like to improve or fully custom modified it. Starting from the plain body casting, I started with custom make side mirrors, front, side skirtings, rear diffussers and scratch built rear GT wing.

For the fully custom which sometimes requires to built custom make openable pop up front headlight with push up buttons and openable doors, suicide doors, gull wing type or front bonnet.  Others are interiors with safety seat belt and some Nitrous gadget.  As for now I’m still improving on the custom rear steel exhaust muffler with full piping system which are result after few years of try and errors.

Here’s are some of it and I have to cut down the list:

1) Tomica Custom Spoon Honda Civic. Added are side mirrors, skirtings, rear GT wing and rear steel exhaust muffler.

2) Tomica Custom 5 Zigen Honda Civic, another favourites.

3) Hotwheels Custom Spoon S2000.

4) Hotwheels Custom Honda NSX Type R. Added are push up openable front headlight.

5) Hotwheels Custom Varis Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. The latest mod on Evo X.

6) Hotwheels Custom Initial D Trueno AE86

7) Hotwheels Custom Gran Turismo R34

8) Hotwheels Custom Helang Malaysian Police Highway Patrol car

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  1. this is just insane work. SO much detail and really loving the push up headlights on the nsx and 86. awesome job

  2. Awesome job for all models espescially on the helang evo x!!!! Im a malaysian #proud of it. Keep it on…

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